Spring is in the air and we all want to enjoy the sun. This often comes with the idea of redecorating your garden or balcony. It is clear that people value privacy in their own space when we look at the interior (or garden) design trends of 2021. Because we can’t go on holiday, so we’re bringing that holiday feeling back to our own homes!


For example, this article of Dutch show ‘Eigen Huis en Tuin’ in which they transform a roof terrace into a zen space with tons of privacy and ambiance. Using some fencing and a (small) pergola makes a big difference. Combining this with some plants gives you that natural feeling you often get in a garden.


With balcony fencing on roll you can easily transform your balcony into a comfortable space to enjoy some sun. The bamboo will give you plenty of privacy, without anyone looking in. A place that is completely yours! You can think about the fencing on roll we sell starting at 100 cm height. This makes it perfect to use in smaller spaces such as balconies. Again, this works perfectly in combination with some plants. You can even add bamboo blinds if you need to block the sun a bit as well.


The bamboo fencing for your balcony can be easily combined with other natural materials and colors. Go for a bamboo balcony screen combined with wooden furniture such as a lounge or a big wooden table. Then add some plants for the green touch. You can even accessorize with things like planters made of natural stones or wood, use colorful lights and a beautiful outdoor rug. That way you can really create an oasis of tranquility and make your balcony into the cozy oasis you can truly be yourself.


With our bamboo balcony screens you can effortlessly create a cozy, natural design. Close off from the rest of the world and have a moment to relax. Furthermore, bamboo gives you an affordable, durable solution. With one of the current trends being combing black and natural materials, there’s always a bamboo solution for you.

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