Photo: Julian Maynard Smith

The Antepavillion hosts artsy, experimental projects for an architectural contest each year. The theme of this year: Bartizan. Project Bunny Rabbit shows their creative take on this medieval building this year on the roof of the Antepavillion. 


The Antepavillion is located at the Columbia Warf in London. For six weeks the team spend building on this tensegrity construction made of bamboo poles and steel wires. This spectacular design is breaking the laws of gravity. The concept of tensegrity uses the idea of the perfect balance between push and pull. That is how the construction will come to stand with all this bamboo that seems to be floating mid-air. Instead, the poles are all connected with steel wires and this is what gives it its actual shape. The constant tension on the wires makes it quite mobile. This is what makes these towers really lightweight and true eyecatchers.


The choice for this groundbreaking design makes the rooftop still a very spacious place for events. This art construction has gotten the name “All Along the Watchtower”. The bartizan was named after the Bob Dylan song. It is about a warning before the chaos. Artistic commentary on climate change and the ecological dangers it brings. The drama of the building reflects the urgency of these issues.

The Co2 negative bamboo makes it extremely fitting within the philosophy of Project Bunny Rabbit. The theme of this construction goes well with the philosophy of Bamboo Import Europe. We are always striving for bettering the environment and battling deforestation with an environmentally friendly product as bamboo.


Photo's by: Peter Brooks & Julian Maynard Smith