In the ABC, Architecture- and Build historical Centrum Haarlem, are different expositions year-round. They all connect to architecture one way or another. Next to the expositions they host lectures, workshops, even birthday parties. In the ABC it’s all about architecture and city planning, but also everything that surrounds it: interior architecture, garden design, public spaces etc.


At the ABC they now have an exposition about sustainability and circular economy. Sustainable living starts in your house. How sustainable do you live? Is your home fully electrical with your own solar panels? There are many ways to pay attention to sustainability in your home. This all revolves around the concept of circular economy. This comes from the philosophy that every product should be recyclable, reusable or repurpose able.


The idea: two rooms. It starts off with anything but circularity. Giant containers filled with rubbish. One time use products and bad plastics. The second room shows how to improve on that situation. Replace the bad materials for a sustainable alternative and you’re well on the way to sustainable living. Regular bricks have plenty of sustainable alternatives. But there are also sustainable options for little things around the house. 


This is how bamboo came to play. Bamboo is thé sustainable alternative for wood. Although in western buildings you might now see it that often, there still are many ways to incorporate bamboo into your home. For example: bamboo rain gutters, which you can also see in our blog.


Bamboo isn’t just durable in its ‘raw’ form. Processed bamboo isn’t CO2 negative, but it is still way more sustainable that the alternative: (hard)wood. With processed bamboo the possibilities truly are endless. From plywood to decking to cladding. With Sustainability class 1 (EN350:2016) and 25 years guarantee you’re ensured of the luxurious hardwood look, but a sustainable product. It is CO2 neutral, so the bamboo takes as much CO2 out as it takes to import it to the Netherlands.


There are diffrent lectures about circular economy at the ABC during this exposition:

Woensdag 15 september: Van BakkeRij naar Veerplas
Woensdag 22 september: Biobased materialen
Donderdag 30 september: Circulair Bouwen
Wanna go? Check out here. This exposition runs until October 10th.