Bored of the bathroom and unsure how to style it? Perhaps there’s a corner in the bedroom that you just don’t know what to do with? Not allowed to hang anything on the walls? Then this bamboo ladder is the one for you!


A decorative ladder can be very handy and above all just nice to look at! And what’s more fun than to have a piece of furniture you’ve made yourself? This DIY is a little bit more complicated than our other DIY’s. This is especially due to the roping techniques. We have a PDF that shows how to do them. More about bamboo roping can be read in this blog.



·      2x Java ø 7-10cm 200cm

·      10x Nigra ø 2cm 100cm

·      Bamboo Black Renovator

·      Bamboo saw

·      2x black palmrope 3mm x 25m

·      Paintbrush


Step 1. Getting the right measurements

Saw all pieces the right size. For the steps of the ladder, you’ll need two pieces of 50cm and two pieces of 40cm. We made a ladder with five steps. This means you’ll need a total of 10x 50cm and 10x 40cm poles.


For the standing poles we used the Java poles and sawed them at 180cm. This is purely on preference. You can always check with your ceiling how high it should be. Keep in mind that this ladder has to lean on the wall so it won’t be as tall as the poles are long.  


Step 2 Tying the steps

Now it is time to acquire the steps. Make every step out of two pieces of 50cm and two pieces of 40 centimeter. Put the two longer parts at the ends and leave about 5 cm at each side. This ‘hole’ is where the standing poles will be at the end.


Rope the poles together with a weaving technique. This is when you go up and down around the poles. Repeat this for all five steps.


Step 3. Treatment

There is one problem when making this ladder in black bamboo. There isn’t a bamboo that is suited for both poles and steps. The nigra isn’t thick enough for the poles and the java isn’t thin enough for the steps. That is why we combined both. There is one problem with this: There is a slight change in color between both bamboos. Therefore, we used the renovator to bring both bamboo’s closer together in color. The renovator doesn’t just protect and bring sheen, it also has a little bit of pigment. It is important to treat the bamboo with the renovator before you put the steps onto the poles so you can easily reach all areas. Apply the renovator with a paintbrush and let it properly dry before continuing.


Step 4. Securing the steps to the poles

This is when it all becomes one. We secured the poles about 30cm apart. When securing the steps, you put the pole in the ‘hole’ between the ends and rope it up with palm rope. You can see the technique in the PDF.



Step 5. Styling and placement

Your ladder is now finished! Lean it against a wall at an angle and style it with candles and plants. Perhaps a book or maybe some frankincense.


Did you manage to get all the ties? Share your experiences with us on social media!