It is more and more common: a pallet sofa. These lounges can be easily made of old pallets. Nowadays they are so popular that you can even buy look-a-likes in stores. But with only three pallets you can easily DIY your own. You can buy new ones or try and find some used ones. It usually won’t cost you more than about twenty euros. It is truly a budget DIY which will give stunning results.


Well, a regular pallet sofa can be pretty, it doesn’t have a distinguished design. But no worries: you can easily personalize it with bamboo. Believe it or not: the bamboo will also give more comfort than a regular pallet sofa. For this DIY you can choose any bamboo fence roll. We used the budget roll, but you could also use a deluxe roll or the regular roll. We don’t recommend using the half round or split fence rolls. They are hard to fit on it properly. Tonkin and reed rolls have too skinny poles for a proper result.


·      3 pallets

·      Bamboo fence roll

·      Fence staples

·      screws & electrical drill


Step 1. Acquiring the pallets

Acquire 3 pallets for your lounge. We used 3 old europallets. These needed a brush and some fixing to be fit for use.


Step 2. Making the pallet sofa

Screw two of the three pallets straight onto each other. Do this on several points to ensure it is on tight. Now you screw the back support onto the two pallets at the back. This is how you create the base of this DIY: a pallet sofa.


Step 3. Getting a bamboo roll fitted

Now it is time for you to pick out your fence roll and fit it for your sofa. We have pallets that are 1.20 wide. This meant that we had to use a fence roll that is 1.20 high. Luckily the budget roll’s come in that size and we didn’t have to saw off any poles. Our mat was a little too long at the bottom. This was easily resolved by folding the wire back and removing a few poles. Then you fold the wire back and you’re all set for the next step.


Step 4. Securing the bamboo fence roll

Now it is time to roll out your bamboo, so it is ready for securing it. You can use fence staples for securing it to the wooden frame of the pallet sofa. You can see how we shoot them with air pressure into the sofa on the video.


Step 5. Dress it up and…. ENJOY!   

Now it is time to style the sofa. You could use pallet cushions if you need more comfort, but generally the bamboo already adds to the comfort. Of course, it is still fun to style it with some decorative pillows!


As you can see it is quite easy to make this yourself. Besides that, it doesn’t cost much but still looks really chic! Have you made your own bamboo pallet sofa? Show your results on social media and join our photo contest!