The insects are struggling. In essence: a silent disaster is happening! Since the ‘70s over 70% have decreased. Urbanization is taking away viable living spaces for the insects. There are different initiatives that want to help insects. A lot of towns give away seed mixes that are beneficial to the insects, for example. But there are other ways to help the insects.


With the idea of recycling and circular economy at Van Der Spek groep they started making insect hotels. Van Der Spek is mainly active in landscaping, they also established the brand Boom Stijl. Boom Stijl creates products made from recycled materials they gather whilst doing the landscaping. This is their way of making responsible wooden furniture. To be able to recycle every bit of wood, they started making the Insect Hotels.


Insect hotels contain many parts. For example: you use bark, pine cones, and wool to create a space for ladybugs and bugs. For butterflies, you’d want rooms with tall and high slits, so they can crawl in and shelter from the weather. There’s usually some wood or brick with holes for the bees. But what truly makes the bees happy is bamboo. For most insect hotels, people use Tonkin sticks. More about different types of bamboo can be found in THIS blog.


Solitaire bees lay their eggs in the hollow bamboo. They make little chambers for the eggs and even add some food for when the eggs hatch. They then close it off and redo the whole process. This is how they can fill up the entire bamboo. So, bamboo is very essential for the insect hotels!


Although trying to recycle what they got, Van Der Spek groep doesn’t have their own bamboo. That is how they ended up at Bamboo Import. We help them with supplying the bamboo for the insect hotels.


The Process

Handyman Bo is truly a creative craftsman. He first builds the frame for an insect hotel. Then, depending on the supply, he puts in all the wooden shrubs and makes the parts with the bark. He fills the hotel with Tonkin sticks once this is all done. He drills holes in the wood before the hotel is completely done. This ensures there’s plenty of room for all the insects. The insect hotels of Van Der Spek come in all shapes and sizes. Every hotel is custom-made and truly unique!


These recycled insect hotels of Van Der Spek groep can be bought through their website. Every hotel is unique and can be personalized with your own logo for example. BoomStijl also makes hedgehogs of recycled wood. We now have our own hedgehog and insect hotel of BoomStijl. If you’re interested in a hotel: feel free to stop by our showroom and have a look!