A windchime brings calmness to your terrace or balcony. Traditionally they were used to scare off angry spirits, nowadays its mostly used for decoration. In Asia it is believed the sound of a wind chime is good for your "Qi". It is easy to make one yourself. How? We explain that to you in this blog. 



Halfround bamboe pole tali

 3x Moso Ø 3-4 100cm

2,5m thin rope 

Electrical drill

bamboo drill 8mm

Japanese saw

Scissors + pencil + measuring tape


For this blog we used natural bamboo, but for a darker variety you can use our Nigra Ø 3-4 300cm pole. 

Lets get started!

Step 1. measuring and sawing 

Measure the poles on 2x 36cm, 2x 32, 2x 28 and 2x 24 centimeter. This way you'll get two times 4 poles with varying lengths. You could measure them longer if you wanted to, that's up to your taste. Now it's time to saw the right lengths and use your sandpaper to prevent any bamboo splinters. 

Step 2. Making a cutout

Take about 1/4e, or around 7 centimeter at the bottom. This is where you'll create an angled cutout and saw down until you're about halfway down the diameter of the pole. Mark how this will lead to the end of the pole and saw from the bottom back up to the angled bit. It is best to remove any nodes that are on or around the cutout. Repeat this for all eight poles. Finish them with some sandpaper. Remember to keep the cutouts since you'll use one of them later. 

Step 3 and 4. Drilling hole for the rope

Drill a hole on the left and right side of the top of the stick. 

Drill 5 holes on each of the two sides of the half pole. Make two holes on the sides on top and two holes in the middle. Use sandpaper to smooth everything out. 

Step 5. Making the gong

Pick one of the cutouts from earlier. This will become the gong in the middle. Drill a hole in the middle for the rope and finish it with sandpaper. Now it's time to tie it on 40cm rope. Attach it to the halfpole through the two holes in the middle. 

Step 6 and 7. Lace the poles together.

Start lacing the poles. Lay them all down and sort by size. Start by tying a knot in the far end. Lace your rope through the first pole and give it about 10cm of dangle room. Lace the rope through the next hole and tie a knot. This ensures the poles will all stay hanging on the same length. Continue this process on with the next 3 poles and finish with a good knot on the end. 

Repeat for the next side.

Step 8. Hanging it

Take about 30 centimeters and tie it to each ends of the halfpole to hang your windchime.

All done!

Now it is time for it to be hung outside so you can enjoy the calming sounds of the bamboo. Will you share your results with us?