Photo by James Harris for Bamboology

Bamboology is a UK-based organisation which designs and constructs unique bamboo structures. Whilst combining traditional craft skills with organic materials, they manage to realise incredible, unique properties with a natural design. They reduce their impact on the environment and on site by refraining from using little, to no heavy machinery for the natural materials. Bamboology stands for the vision of living, loving and dancing lightly on the earth with bamboo and colour.

Photos by Bamboology

Bamboo Import Europe supplied Bamboology with the Java black poles for their project ‘Travelling Temple’ last year. Here they combined the Java poles with deep red fabrics. This year they worked alongside AKTII on ‘The Beacon’. Commissioned by Climate Art for the ‘A vanished sea’ artist residency, they sought out to create an installation to put on the beach of Rye Harbour Nature Reserve. For this project they used our strong Guadua poles that beautifully harmonise with the colours of the beach and the fabrics.

Photo by James Harris for Bamboology

The Beacon is a large installation on the shingle beach of Rye Harbour Nature Reserve. It is uniquely engineered, combining innovative techniques of rigging and by stretching the fabric. This allowed them to do more with less. It showcases remarkable architectural potential.


The attention to detail is incredible. The Beacon portrays a metaphorical lighthouse for the fragile vessels with an uncertain future at sea. The yellow fabric is inspired by a local flower, the Yellow Horned Poppy, which grows along the banks of Rye Harbour. The beacon resembles a symbol of hope and reunion. This transcends to its use as an outdoor space for community and educational events, for the first time again after a long lockdown.

Photos by James Harris for Bamboology

Designed and constructed by Bamboology with Engineering by AKTII, commissioned by Climate Art for the A vanished sea artist residency, with the support of, Sussex Wild Life Trust, Arts Council England, and Bridge Point Rye.


If you’re interested in a custom bamboo design or in renting the Beacon for an event you can contact Bamboology at or visit their website . Follow them on Instagram to stay updated on their latest projects!