Today its Duurzame Dinsdag, Sustainable Tuesday. A day where we take a moment to see how sustainable we live. Sustainability is essential for taking care of Earth. Forte Daycare organised "Tuin van de Toekomst" or Garden of the future to teach children about a sustainable future. The environmentally friendly bamboo goes perfectly with this theme. That is why Bamboo Import Europe decided to sponsor this event. 



There has been an alarming climat report: how do we prevent the heating of the Earth due to climate change? With this thought Fore Daycare and Hortus Alkmaar went to brainstorm. They used gamification to make children aware of the problem. Game development studio Studio Exp. worked along. This is how they created a playful way for them to work with current problems. The creative, innovative ideas of the children make you feel like the possibilities are endless. 


Through theater, escape rooms, inspiring workshops and going outdoor to explore, the children discovered how the Earth could possibly be saved. Actors and monitors helped the children be innovative and explore all the options. Janouk Kelderman, know from TV, came on the third day to help them make a final presentation of their ideas and close off the event. 


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