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Bamboo Import 21 Jul 2021 0 624
Bamboo comes in all shapes and sizes. The bamboo we sell is actually the natural color of the bamboo, we do not dye it. Only our black decking boards have been thermically modified where it gets its d..
Lara 30 Jun 2021 0 486
Perhaps you’ve heart of the Titan Arum? This plant only rarely flowers, just like Agave. Agave only flowers at the end of its lifecycle which can last up to fourty years! People flock to botanical gar..
Lara 16 Jun 2021 0 486
We were contacted by a student of Industrial Design at the KABK in The Hague in the beginning of march. Jakov was doing a project about product innovation and improvement. He wanted to be sustainable ..
Bamboo Import 18 May 2021 0 1210
Everybody has used salt in their food at some point. Or perhaps you’ve used bath salt. But have you heard of bamboo salt? A salt from Korea that is made with bamboo. It is known to be capable of man..
Bamboo Import 07 Apr 2021 0 1380
Bamboo is known as an incredibly durable and environmentally friendly product. But what makes bamboo so environmentally friendly?Bamboo grows incredibly fast. This makes it a product that can be harve..
Lara 16 Mar 2021 0 885
Today is the International Day of the Panda. A valid excuse to have a look at the cute giant panda. As you may know panda’s eat bamboo and we sell bamboo. But not to worry, we are not a threat to the ..
Bamboo Import 13 Nov 2019 0 11565
Bamboo is a strong woody type of grass that is ideal for making extremely hard terrace and decking boards. A bamboo deck gives your garden a natural look and can take a beating. However, an outdoor ba..
Stephane 15 Nov 2016 0 92485
What are the mechanical properties of bamboo? It is propably one of the most frequently asked questions among European or American architects, engineers and builders. Such information is easily found ..
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