Bamboo Plywood is very suitable for making a desk, table, or closet for example. Untreated bamboo plywood is very susceptible to staining. That is why we always advise using our Bamboo Topcoat. This satin lacquer protects the bamboo and lets the colors thrive. This gives it a luxury look. It protects for staining, discoloration by the sun and teardown.


In this blog we’ll put our Topcoat to the test by spilling lemonade on a treated and untreated piece of bamboo plywood.  

With these before pictures you can really see how the topcoat enhances the colors. 

When spilling the lemonade, you can really see how quickly the liquid gets soaked up by the Bamboo Plywood. By the plywood that is treated with the bamboo Topcoat the liquid just kind of lies on there and gets wiped off clean pretty easily. 


Left untreated, right treated with Bamboo Topcoat

When trying to clean the untreated bamboo, all you do is just kind of move the liquid around. This makes the overall color change, whilst still also leaving some staining. The planks were left to dry to make after pictures. 

This test shows how good the topcoat functions as a protection. Here we used three layers of Topcoat. For lacquering the plywood, you have to keep in mind to leave it to dry for about 16 hours in between coats. For this test, we used plywood samples. You can request samples of any piece of plywood we sell. This can be helpful when you're not certain of which to choose. Besides plywood samples, we also have samples of our beams and decking boards. You can request a free sample through or use our contact page.