Activated charcoal is used for many purposes. For example, we have bamboo charcoal. It is of course a grey bag, but it’s full of bamboo charcoal chips if you cut it open. The bamboo charcoal on our website is mainly as an odour eater. But activated (bamboo) charcoal is good for many more things. Just think of the bamboo salt. Which also gets enriched by the bamboo charcoal. In this blog we show the 8 most common uses for activated charcoal.


1. Charcoal as plant food

The charcoal helps your plant absorb the nutrients from the soil. That is why it is good to mix some charcoal chips into your soil. Be careful not to use too much as these can also absorb water.


2. Charcoal as air purifier

Bamboo charcoal is perfect as air purifier. It removes the unpleasant odours from the air in no time. This makes it perfect for the toilet, for example.


3. Bamboo Charcoal as a dehumidifier

It is perfect as a dehumidifier because activated charcoal attracts moisture. For example, you can put such a bag in your car. That way, it helps with condensation on the windows in winter. It is also not an unnecessary luxury for your tools. The charcoal absorbs the moisture; therefore the tools will have less rust.

4. Charcoal as water purification

Bamboo charcoal has the natural benefits of removing toxins. This means you can also use it as a water purifier if you put some of our charcoal chips in a tea bag. Because the loose chips are better, you can be sure that you are not ingesting charcoal unconsciously.


5. Whitening teeth with charcoal

Everyone suddenly wanted to brush their teeth with activated charcoal a few years ago. The natural qualities gave a radiant white smile. You would have to pulverize the charcoal to a powder, if you want to use bamboo charcoal. Then you can dip a wet toothbrush in it and use it for your teeth. It is possible to buy special charcoal for your teeth, but they often have various other ingredients. These are unnecessary, so it is best to be sure that you really have 100% natural charcoal.


6. Cleaning your skin with charcoal

Because of the purifying effect of charcoal, it is extremely suitable for making your own body scrub. Mix some coconut oil with charcoal, and you already have a natural scrub. You can use this for your body and face.


7. Charcoal in your aquarium

You install a pump to keep your aquarium clean and mould-free. If you want to keep the water pristine, you can place the charcoal in the filter. This will then do its job of purifying and keep the water clean.


8. Charcoal used in dishes

You should never ingest too much charcoal, although you see it more and more in trendy shakes or dishes. Charcoal chips can be used in food to purify your body, but it has not been proven that it is good to consume charcoal. Charcoal absorbs moisture, this means that when you ingest it; you need a lot of water to compensate it. Since activated charcoal is also dehydrating, you can become dehydrated if you take too much.


This just goes to show that the possibilities are endless. You can use the activated charcoal for anything! Over time, it will lose its effect and you will have to buy new activated charcoal.