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Stephane 15 Nov 2016 0 93838
What are the mechanical properties of bamboo? It is propably one of the most frequently asked questions among European or American architects, engineers and builders. Such information is easily found ..
Stephane 12 Sep 2016 0 89482
Bamboo is a renewable resource that has become one of the most important alternatives to tropical hardwoods in recent years. Upon seeing bamboo flooring, kitchen cabinets or cutting boards you might w..
28 Apr 2016 0 191319
The popularity of bamboo is increasing year after year and many incredible stories are told about this plant. But is it all true what they say about bamboo? Does it really grow 1 meter a day? Does bam..
Stephane 26 Apr 2016 0 280468
What products can be made from bamboo? Potential investors and clients frequently ask about the different uses of bamboo, but the better question would be: What cannot be made from bamboo? Or as the a..
Bamboo Import 29 Mar 2016 0 111889
Bamboo is often described as very durable, however, this is primarily in reference to the sustainable growth of the bamboo plant, and not so much about the durability of the bamboo stems. Proper use,..
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