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Bamboo Import Affiliate Program

Earn commission by promoting our products!

Are you interested in earning extra income with your website or blog? Become a Bamboo Import Europe affiliate and earn money when referring visitors to For each purchase a visitor makes on our website you receive a commission.

Our affiliate marketing model is completely free. As an affiliate you can easily generate passive income without having to deal with inventory, shipping, or customer service. (* Please note that we don't ship retail orders outside Europe.)


How does our affiliate program work?

1. Create a free affiliate account

Sign up as a new affiliate. Fill out the online form and confirm your details. Once approved (usually within 24 hours) you will be able to access your account where you can generate affiliate links and track the performance of your campaigns.

2. Select the products you want to promote

Visit our webshop and select the products you wish to promote. You can promote these products on your website or blog by using text links or photos. As an affiliate, it is allowed to use our product images to promote the products (*Please note: the watermarks in the images may not be removed).

3. Generate your affiliate links

Once your account is approved you can log in with your username and password. Go to "My Tracking Information" and click on the link: "Affiliate Tracking Code" where you will find your unique tracking code.

In the "Tracking Link Generator" field, start typing the product title you want to promote. A drop down screen will appear where you can select the product.

As soon as you select the product, a unique tracking link will automatically appear. Use this link to refer text or pictures on your website or blog to the relevant product page at

4. Implementing your affiliate links

Place product photos or text links on your website or blog and link them to through your unique affiliate links. It's always wise to test your links when they are published. Click a link and look at the URL in your navigation bar. The URL should look like this at the end: ?tracking=53ffdac31ac7c The last (underlined) part of this referrer is your unique tracking code. If it matches your tracking code, than you're all set.


1. Use short but attractive text links that are inviting to click. Here are some examples:

  • Order the best quality bamboo poles at Bamboo Import!
  • Check out our selection of favorite bamboo garden screens!
  • Order this affordable bamboo pergola kit!

2. Write a review or DIY article about one of our products and use subtle links that refer to the discussed products on our website.

3. Use one of our product photos and add a "Buy Now" button in the house style of your website or blog.


Tracking and realtime overview

An important part of affiliate marketing is to track your sales. Login to your affiliate account at any time to see how much you have sold and earned!


Commission and conditions

The affiliate program is using a standard 7.5% commission and a cookie life time of five days. If a consumer buys one or more items within five days of the click from your website, and the consumer has not visited the store through another partner or marketing channel (search engine, banners or email newsletters) within these five business days, you'll receive 7.5% commission on all items purchased by that visitor.


  • Search engine marketing (such as but not limited to Google Adwords): It is not allowed to display Google Adwords ads on brand ("Bamboo Import") related search terms. Partners that are visible through 'Bamboo Import' related terms, can be disapproved.
  • Clicks fees are not allowed.
  • Post view is not allowed.
  • Use of Iframes is not allowed.
  • Mobile / facebook apps are not allowed.
  • Twitter promotion is not allowed.
  • Direct linking is not allowed.
  • It is not allowed to order articles directly or indirectly through your own affiliate link (s) at for sole use only.


How and when do I get paid?

The commission will be paid monthly by bank transfer if the approved commission exceeds € 100.00 at the beginning of the month. If your commission is less than € 100.00 at the time of payment, it will be saved and paid out in the next month if you exceed the limit. A purchase order is approved when all items have been delivered and the 30-day return period has expired.


Professional support

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