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Balcony Screens

With balcony screens you can turn your balcony into a super nice place to enjoy the first (or last) sun rays. The screens ensure plenty of privacy without viewers from the street, another balcony or a garden.

With our bamboo or reed balcony screens you create a cozy, natural atmosphere. You can close yourself off from the outside world and effortlessly take a moment of relaxation for yourself. With bamboo or reed you also choose a sustainable solution that is also very affordable.

You can easily combine the bamboo screens for your balcony with natural materials and colors. Go for a bamboo balcony screen combined with wooden garden furniture, such as a lounge sofa or a trunk table, supplemented with many different types of plants. Choose as accessories for example planters made of natural stone or wood, small, colorful lights and a beautiful, water-resistant carpet. In this way you create a real oasis of peace, and turn your balcony into a cozy place for your own or to share with friends or family.