Bamboo Blind 100 x 200 cm

Bamboo Blind 100 x 200 cm

This bamboo blind is 100 cm wide by 200 cm high and is made of round bamboo stems that have been opened and flattened. This technique gives our bamboo blinds a unique tropical look with the natural outer layer and the nodes of the bamboo stem still clearly visible.

Bamboo blinds provide a natural and tropical atmosphere in the garden, on the terrace, garden shed or jacuzzi and provide excellent protection against the sun, heat, noise and wind. Our blinds are designed to create privacy and intimacy while still allowing light to enter. So you can still look from the inside out but hardly from the outside in.

The bamboo slats in this roller blind are on average 15 mm wide by 4 mm thick (top and bottom slats are 40 mm wide), and are woven together with strong black nylon cord, creating a robust whole that is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The rope also ensures that the bamboo blind rolls up very smoothly so that you can decide how much light you want to let in.

Our bamboo blinds are handmade in Indonesia and are delivered untreated and without suspension system and pulleys. This product can also be used as a carpet, wall or ceiling covering, roofing, etc.


Bamboo species: Gigantochloa apus
Common name: Tali
Color: Natural / Beige
Width: 100 cm
Height: 200 cm
See through: Average
Assembly: Black nylon thread
Durability: 12 years (outdoor use)
Weight: 4 kg
Origin: Indonesia


A bamboo blind is easy to shorten in width with a Japanese saw. By cutting through the bamboo slats you can always fit the curtain to any size.

Shortening the height is usually not necessary because it gives a nice effect if you leave a part of the blind rolled up. Howevere, if you are going to use the product as decorative wall cover, it may be required to adjust the height. In that case you can cut the strings with scissors. After you have obtained the desired length, simply tie the strings back together.


  • Bamboo used in outdoor conditions will weather over time.. Therefore hang the bamboo roller blind under a large slope or treat it with Bamboo Booster, a specially developed natural oil that slows down the aging process and thus increases the lifespan of the bamboo. Bamboo Booster is easy to apply using oil-absorbent maintenance wipes.
  • Always rool up the bamboo curtain when completely dry, otherwise the moisture in the roll will brittle and mold can occur.
  • Cleaning and dusting is easy with a feather duster.


  • Bamboo is a natural product, color differences are considered normal.
  • Each bamboo blind is unique, differences in "design", transparencey and dimensions must be accepted.
  • If you use screws to mount the bamboo slats, always pre-drill to avoid cracks.
Product Information
Treatment Untreated
Weight 4 kg
Color Natural
Durability 12 years
Material Bamboo
Common name Tali
Scientific Name Gigantochloa apus
Country of origin Indonesia
Width 100 cm
Height 200 cm
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How to install bamboo blinds

  Natural color - untreated
  Semi translucent
  Extra wide top and bottom slat
  Fasteners and pulleys not included
  Handmade in Indonesia

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