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Bamboo Booster Oil 1L

Bamboo Booster Oil 1L
Bamboo Booster Oil 1L
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  • Packaging: 25 cm x 8 cm x 8 cm
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Product Information

  Nourishes and protects bamboo materials
  Based on natural linseed oil
  Suitable for natural and black bamboo
  Consumption: 10 m² per liter


Bamboo Booster is a maintenance product based on natural linseed oil which nurtures and strengthen your bamboo poles, furniture, structures and fences.

Bamboo Booster works best on bamboo species with a porous outer layer such as Tali, Java Black, and Guadua bamboo. Chinese bamboos such as Moso, Tonkin and Black Bamboo have a natural silica layer that prevents optimal absorption of the oil. For those bamboo species we recommend using Bamboo Protector instead.

Bamboo Booster does not renovate the color of weathered bamboo products. If you wish to renovate the color of a greyish-white bamboo garden fence or other outdoor bamboo structure Grey-Go is the solution you are looking for.


Material information
Colour Colorless
Coverage Transparent
Gloss level Matte
Product Type Oil
UV-Bestendig No
Dimensions and weight
Packaging 1 liter
Weight 925 gr
Application method Brush, Cloth
Coverage per liter 10 m²
Drying Time 24 hours
Minimum application temperature 15°C
Packaging Bottle
Use Interior & Exterior
Recoat after 12 hours


  1. Remove all dust and possible old paint before applying Bamboo Booster.
  2. Light sanding of the bamboo is recommended to facilitate penetration of the oil into the bamboo surface.
  3. Apply a thin layer of Bamboo Booster with a lint-free cloth, sponge or brush.
  4. To protect and maintain your bamboo products from weathering, we recommend applying Bamboo Booster on an annual or biannual basis (depending on how much sun and rain the bamboo has to endure).


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Wim Lindenberg 12/06/2016

Foto 1: Is het resultaat van Bamboo Booster halverwege.
Foto 2: Is het eindresultaat van de perfect werkende Bamboo Booster.

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