Bamboo Branch Fencing Rolls - Rolled Bamboo Twig Fencing

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Bamboo Branch Fence Roll 300 x 200 cm

This bamboo branch fence roll of 300 cm wide by 200 cm high is made of bamboo branches that originat..

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Bamboo Branch Fencing Rolls - Rolled Bamboo Twig Fencing

Buy the best bamboo branch fencing rolls at the lowest price from Bamboo Import. Choose from our collection and simply order through our website. We deliver fast throughout Europe.

Bamboo branch fencing rolls are environmentally friendly, durable, decorative and perfectly suited as a natural garden separation or privacy fence.

Rolled bamboo twig fencing is also ideal for growing ivy and other climbing plants. Thanks to the natural structure of the bamboo twigs, climbing plants adhere excellently and grow nicely. Once covered, the fence also has a soundproofing effect.


The thin but tough bamboo branches are bundled tightly together with galvanized steel wire. The fencing rolls are approximately 25 mm thick and have little see-through. Due to the dense structure of bamboo branch fencing you can enjoy a great level of privacy.

Our bamboo twig fencing rolls are 3 meters wide and available in different heights so that they fit in almost every garden. However, if you want a customized a bamboo fence, you can easily shorten it both in height and width. The fencing rolls are easily be install against a wire fence, mesh panel or a wooden fence.

With a lifespan of about 20 years, bamboo branch fencing is also a more durable alternative to heather fencing or willow fencing.


More information about the properties of our bamboo branch fencing rolls and how to install them can be found in the description of each product. If you have any questions or would like a wholesale quote for large quantities, do not hesitate to contact us.

As a wholesale bamboo supplier we can ship quickly and economically throughout Europe. Of course you are always welcome to visit our warehouse in the Netherlands and select the bamboo yourself.

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