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Bamboo Cane Tonkin Ø 30-32 mm x 510 cm

Bamboo Cane Tonkin Ø 30-32 mm x 510 cm
Bamboo Cane Tonkin Ø 30-32 mm x 510 cm
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  • Model: BSN-30/32-510-C
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  • Packaging: 500 cm x 3 cm x 3 cm
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Product Information

  Excellent as plant support sticks
  Available in different diameters and lengths
  Straight and dimensionally stable
  Very strong and thick-walled
  Suitable for outdoor use


Pseudosasa amabilis also known as Tonkin Canes or Tea Stick Bamboo is a small diameter, thick walled bamboo species native to China. It is famous for its use as plant support sticks and as the prime material for making bamboo fly rods.


  • Tonkin canes are naturally straight with only a slight taper.
  • A small but very strong, stiff and resilient bamboo species due to its thick walls.
  • Attractive creamy white color.
  • Tonkin bamboo has no lower branches which results in diminutive (flat) nodes.
  • High resistance against mold and insects, which makes it ideal for exterior use.

Common Uses

  • Famous as tree or plant support sticks and trellises in nurseries, greenhouses, plantations or gardens around the world.
  • Popular bamboo species for making split cane fly fishing rods.
  • Excellent bamboo for light construction such as furniture building, fences and screens.


Material information
Common nameTonkin
Latijnse naamPseudosasa amabilis
Physical characteristics
Taper10-15% taper over a length of 3 meter
Dimensions and weight
Diameter (measured on the thickest side)30-32 mm
Length510 cm
Weight± 1,1 kg
Treatment and durability

Working with Bamboo


  • The diameter of each bamboo pole varies. Our stated average diameters are always measured at the base (or the thickest part of the bamboo pole).
  • A natural property of bamboo poles is that they are thicker at the base than at the top. The taper percentage for Tonkin bamboo sticks is about 10-15% over a length of 3 meters.
  • Bamboo is a natural product, therefore bamboo poles are never 100% straight.
  • Each bamboo pole is unique, therefore color differences are to be expected.
  • Vertical cracks can/will occur in bamboo poles, especially when used outdoors. Just like wood, bamboo expands or shrinks when temperature or humidity conditions change. Cracks, however, have no effect on the structural integrity of bamboo.
  • Bamboo used in outdoor conditions will weather over time. We advice to treat bamboo with Bamboo Booster to preserve its natural color.


Reviews for Bamboo Cane Tonkin Ø 30-32 mm x 510 cm

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Rudy Baaten 12/09/2019

Muur afgewerkt met tonkinstokken

Muur afgewerkt met tonkinstokken om zo veel mogelijk een Chinese sfeer te creëren.

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