Bamboo is a strong woody type of grass that is ideal for making extremely hard terrace and decking boards. A bamboo deck gives your garden a natural look and can take a beating. However, an outdoor bamboo floor can become dirty and greyish over time. Proper maintenance and a solid installation are important to keep your deck as beautiful as possible. But how do you do that?

Why is maintenance important?

Leaves, pollen, frost, rain or lots of sunlight: they are not the best friends of your bamboo floor. Different weather conditions have a lot of influence on the appearance of bamboo boards. As a result, the decking boards weather, get dirty and may get splinters and cracks. Of course there are ways to cover your deck to protect it from the elements, but with outdoor decking that is usually not a preferred option.

weathered bamboo decking
1: New - 2: After 6 months - 3: After 18 months - 4: After maintenance

New bamboo decking

NANO bamboo decking boardsA solid construction of your deck is important to keep a terrace beautiful. In addition, choosing the right type of decking boards is very important. Bamboo Import NANO and THERMO decking boards are the ideal choice for constructing a terrace. The boards are made from compressed bamboo fibers with a special, patented treatment process. This makes them the strongest, hardest and most durable decking material on the market.

Our bamboo decking boards are pre-oiled and are very durable: 25 years in direct contact with the elements is not a problem. Moreover, because of its patented treatment, the bamboo floors do not get damaged as a result of rot, mould or insects. With both decking boards you can choose the ribbed or smooth side of the board. Do you prefer the smooth side? Then potential deformation due to weather influences may be more clearly visible.

Bamboo decking maintenance

exterior bamboo shield oilAs with tropical hardwood decking, bamboo decking boards will weather over time. Therefore it is necessary to maintain outdoor bamboo flooring boards with a special exterior decking oil at least once a year. We developed Exterior Bamboo Shield outdoor oil especially for this purpose.

Exterior Bamboo Shield oil can be used for both maintenance and the basic treatment of new and already oiled bamboo boards. It provides a strong water and dirt-resistant surface, UV protection and delays the formation of fungi and algae. Does your outdoor bamboo decking require a freshen up? Applying Exterior Bamboo Shield oil will bring back the original color and bamboo grain of a weathered bamboo deck.

Cleaning bamboo decking

In addition to applying maintenance products, cleaning your bamboo terrace or patio is always a good idea. Keep your bamboo deck clean by removing all leaves and other loose dirt with a broom. You can also limit splinters and roughness of the decking boards by cleaning them with a special silicon carbide broom or a machine with silicon carbide disk.

Frequently cleaning your terrace is also recommended for the preservation of your deck. You can do this by rinsing warm water on the decking boards, together with a mild detergent. This way, you can easily remove all the dirt from the deck with a non-metallic, stiff brush. Rinse the deck again with plenty of water and let the boards dry completely. Apply a layer of Exterior Bamboo Shield to restore the color to its natural state. You only do this when it is dry: both the decking must be dry, as the weather conditions. After treatment with the oil, no rain should fall on it for at least 48 hours.