Bamboo Decking Board THERMO 1850 x 137 x 20 mm (0.253 m²)

New Bamboo Decking Board THERMO 1850 x 137 x 20 mm

The Bamboo Import THERMO decking board is a high-density, solid bamboo decking board made of compressed bamboo fibers and a unique patented thermal treatment process, making it one of the strongest, hardest and most durable materials on the market to create the perfect space for outdoor entertainment and relaxation.

A unique feature of the Bamboo Import THERMO decking board is the end match tongue and groove: this can only be done with very stable materials and allows connection of an unlimited number of boards in the length.

The special symmetrical shape of the sides offers the possibility to choose between the grooved or the flat surface and allows for a quick installation with fasteners. Like any untreated tropical hardwood species, Bamboo Import THERMO decking boards, when exposed to outdoor conditions, will get a light color over time, creating a very natural look.


  1. Install a suitable, fixed, stable and durable sub frame.
  2. Determine which side of the board will used: the grooved or flat side.
  3. Fix the boards on the sub frame using fasteners (to be inserted in the grooves of the board) or alternatively with screws (through the surface).
  4. After installation: make sure proper cleaning and maintenance is done with Bamboo Shield Exterior Oil.
  5. When not applying outdoor oil 1x per year, the deck will fade and the typical bamboo wood grain structure will become less visible.


  • Bamboo decking boards are a natural forest product, which varies in colour, grain and appearance. Colour can change fast from dark brown to brown or grey, depending on the maintenance schedule.
  • Checks and splinters on the surface and on the end of the decking boards can arise from the different drying characteristics of the surface and cross cut ends. Besides this the surface gets rough. This phenomenon is normal for most wood species and is minimized for this product by its unique production method. Head sides checks can be further minimized by applying wax on cross end sides of the cut boards.
  • Splinters and roughness can be removed by cleaning the surface of the decking with the silicium carbid broom or machine disk, the surface will become smooth and splinters are removed.
  • Dimensional change or cupping of the boards can occur after installation. This phenomenon is normal for most wood species and is minimized for this product by its unique heat-treated process.
  • When using the flat side of the decking boards as surface please note that deformation under influence of climate will be significantly more visible. Deformation of the surface is not considered to be fault of the material.
Product Information
Type Reeded / Smooth
Color Espresso
Length 1850 mm
Width 137 mm
Thickness 20 mm
Technical Features
Bending strength 74.4 N/mm² (EN 408)
Brinell Hardness (BH) 106.8 N/mm² (EN 1534)
Density 1150 kg/m³
Dimensional stability length: 0% (24 hours in 20°C water) width: 0.4% (24 hours in 20°C water)
Durability class Class 1 (lasts for 25 years or more)
Effectiveness against blue stain Class 0
Fire class Bf1-s1 (EN 13501-1)
Joist Span Maximum 60 cm
Modulus of Elasticity 19100 N/mm² (EN 408)
Use Class Class 4
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  Highest durability class (+ 25 years)
  Extremely hard and wear resistant
  Shape and torsion resistant
  High fire safety class
  Environmentally friendly - CO₂ neutral
  Luxury hardwood appearance
  Easy to install

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