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Huberto Natural

Our Huberto bamboo fence panels are made from straightened small diameter bamboo poles. These fences come in a natural yellow color and are available in different sizes.

Long bamboo dowels connect the bamboo canes which makes this a very stable privacy fence. Multiple screens can be placed next to each other and the bottom or sides of these fences can be trimmed to fit any location. The top is naturally closed to avoid potential moisture and dirt build up.

As a wholesale bamboo supplier we can ship quickly and economically throughout Europe. Don't hesitate to contact us for wholesale bamboo fence panel prices and conditions if you require large quantities.

This Huberto bamboo fence panel of 180 cm wide by 180 cm high will add a beautiful and exotic touch to your garden in no time. The Moso bamboo poles in these fencing panels have an average diameter of 40-60 mm and are connected by internal horizontal bamboo dowels that run through the entire width o..
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