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Bamboo Maintenance Products

Bamboo is a beautiful natural product, but just as with wood products it will weather when exposed to the outdoor elements. It is therefore recommended to regularly maintain your bamboo decking, fencing, furniture, structures, etc. We developed a series of special bamboo maintenance products that protect and nurture your bamboo materials.

Did you forget to maintain your bamboo fence and did it turn out greyish? No problem, even for weathered bamboo we have developed a series of products that can restore the original color. Below you can find a brief overview:

  1. Bamboo Protector: To protect bamboo against UV weathering.
  2. Bamboo Booster: To nurture bamboo and give it a nice deep color.
  3. Grey-Go: To clean weathered bamboo.
  4. Bamboo Renovator Natural / Black: To restore the original color of weathering bamboo.
  5. Ground Protector: To protect bamboo poles that are placed in the ground against rot.
  6. Bamboo Topcoat: To protect bamboo plywood against wear, stains and discoloration.
  7. Bamboo Shield: To protect bamboo decking and siding against weathering.
Bamboo Booster is a maintenance product based on natural linseed oil which nurtures and strengthen your bamboo poles, furniture, structures and fences. Bamboo Booster works best on bamboo species with a porous outer layer such as Tali, Java Black, and Guadua bamboo. Chinese bamboos such as Moso, ..
€ 16.95
Ex Tax:€ 14.01
Bamboo Ground Protector is a special black coating for bamboo poles in ground contact. This product provides long term protection against moisture and rot and improves the durability of bamboo materials. Bamboo Ground Protector can be applied to for example bamboo pergolas or fence posts. The par..
€ 21.95
Ex Tax:€ 18.14
Bamboo Protector is a specially developed transparent sealer for bamboo products with UV protection for exterior use. When applied to outdoor bamboo structures, poles, fencing or furniture it will prevent weathering and shall provide long term protection. Bamboo Protector provides a beautiful low..
€ 19.95
Ex Tax:€ 16.49
Bamboo Shield Exterior Oil is to be used outdoor for basic treatment and maintenance of new and previously oiled bamboo surfaces such as decks, furniture, cladding etc. Bamboo Shield Exterior Oil is recommended to enhance the natural colour structure of bamboo. For rejuvenating of old bamboo surfac..
€ 23.95
Ex Tax:€ 19.79
Bamboo Topcoat is a specially developed and high quality waterborne lacquer for protecting engineered bamboo panels such as bamboo plywood or strand woven bamboo. This bamboo lacquer is quick-drying, odorless and easy to use. Bamboo Topcoat has little effect on the color and preserves the natural lo..
€ 34.95
Ex Tax:€ 28.88
Black Bamboo Renovator is a dark stain that restores the original color of weathered bamboo. This product is designed for renovating black bamboo materials such as black bamboo poles, fencing, screens, structures, etc. When bamboo (or any wood for that matter) is used for outdoor purposes, it may..
€ 24.95
Ex Tax:€ 20.62
Bamboo Import Fire Retardant Spray is a safe and user-friendly flame retardant impregnating agent that is suitable for impregnating natural materials such as bamboo, reed, straw, palm leaf and untreated wood. Bamboo Import Fire Retardant Spray is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. After proper..
€ 54.95
Ex Tax:€ 45.41
Grey-Go is a bamboo color renovator that brings your weathered bamboo products like bamboo poles, bamboo garden fences or bamboo furniture back to its original beauty with one simple treatment. When using bamboo (or any wood for that matter) for outdoor purposes, it may lose its original color an..
€ 9.95
Ex Tax:€ 8.22
Natural Bamboo Renovator is a light stain with a yellowish/beige pigment that restores the original color of weathered bamboo. This product is designed for renovating natural colored bamboo materials such as bamboo poles, fencing, screens, structures, etc. When bamboo (or any wood for that matter..
€ 24.95
Ex Tax:€ 20.62
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