Bamboo Maintenance Products

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Fire Retardant Spray 1L

Bamboo Import Fire Retardant Spray is a safe and user-friendly flame retardant impregnating agent th..

€ 54.95 Ex Tax: € 45.41

Grey-Go Bamboo Color Renovator 500 ML

Grey-Go is a bamboo color renovator that brings your weathered bamboo products like bamboo poles, ba..

€ 8.95 Ex Tax: € 7.40

Bamboo Booster Oil 1L

Bamboo Booster is a maintenance product based on natural linseed oil which nurtures and strengthen y..

€ 14.95 Ex Tax: € 12.36

Bamboo Shield Exterior Oil 0.75L

Bamboo Shield Exterior Oil is to be used outdoor for basic treatment and maintenance of new and prev..

€ 21.95 Ex Tax: € 18.14

Bamboo Protector Transparent Sealer 1L

Bamboo Protector is a specially developed transparent sealer for bamboo products with UV protection ..

€ 18.95 Ex Tax: € 15.66

Black Bamboo Renovator 1L

Black Bamboo Renovator is a dark stain that restores the original color of weathered bamboo. This pr..

€ 24.95 Ex Tax: € 20.62

Natural Bamboo Renovator 1L

Natural Bamboo Renovator is a light stain with a yellowish/beige pigment that restores the original ..

€ 24.95 Ex Tax: € 20.62

Bamboo Ground Protector 1L

Bamboo Ground Protector is a special black coating for bamboo poles in ground contact. This product ..

€ 19.99 Ex Tax: € 16.52

Bamboo Topcoat Plywood Lacquer 1L

Bamboo Topcoat is a specially developed and high quality waterborne lacquer for protecting engineere..

€ 33.95 Ex Tax: € 28.06

Bamboo Maintenance Products

Bamboo Import has developed a special line of maintenance products to protect, maintain or renovate your bamboo fencing, furniture and outdoor structures.

Just as with any other wood, bamboo will gradually lose it's original color if used in exterior application due to direct contact with sun and rain. For that reason we developed Grey-Go, Bamboo Booster, and Bamboo Protector.

When bamboo is used outdoors, we advice to apply Bamboo Booster or Bamboo Protector on an annual basis to maintain its beautiful color and to prevent the bamboo from weathering.

In the event that the bamboo is already weathered, not to worry! Grey-Go Bamboo Color Renovator will magically bring back the original bamboo color.