Bamboo Protector Transparent Sealer 1L

Bamboo Protector Transparent Sealer 1L

Bamboo Protector is a specially developed transparent sealer for bamboo products with UV protection for exterior use. When applied to outdoor bamboo structures, poles, fences or furniture it will prevent weathering and shall provide long term protection.

Bamboo Protector provides a beautiful low gloss finish without changing the bamboo’s original color, therefore it can be used on all bamboo species and on both yellow or black bamboo.

Bamboo Protector does not renovate the color of weathered bamboo products. If you wish to renovate the color of a greyish-white bamboo garden fence or other outdoor bamboo structures, Grey-Go is the solution you are looking for.


  1. Prepare the bamboo surface as it must be clean, dry and free of grease before applying Bamboo Protector.
  2. Open the container and stir well before use. If necessary, the product can be diluted with turpentine.
  3. Apply Bamboo Protector with a brush and/or roller. We recommend 2 coatings for optimal protection. The second coating should be applied approximately 16 hours after the initial coating.
  4. To protect and maintain your bamboo products from weathering, we recommend applying Bamboo Protector on an annual or biannual basis (depending on how much sun and rain the bamboo has to endure).
Product Information
Characteristics Dilutable with turpentine
Drying Time Dry to the touch after ± 1½ hours. Tack free after ± 4 hours. Recoat after ± 16 hours.
Product Type Sealer
Storage In sealed container ca. 12 months. Cool but frost-free and out of reach of children.
Use Interior & Exterior
UV resistant Yes
Packaging 1 liter
Application Apply with a brush
Coverage 10 m² per 1 liter
Color Transparent
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  Protects bamboo poles against UV rays and weathering
  Preserves the natural color of outdoor bamboo fencing
  Transparent sealer with beautiful satin finish
  Easy to apply
  Consumption: 10 m² per liter

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