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Bamboo Slat Panel 50 x 400 cm

Bamboo Slat Panel 50 x 400 cm
Bamboo Slat Panel 50 x 400 cm
Bamboo Slat Panel 50 x 400 cm
Bamboo Slat Panel 50 x 400 cm
Bamboo Slat Panel 50 x 400 cm
Bamboo Slat Panel 50 x 400 cm
Bamboo Slat Panel 50 x 400 cm
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  • Model: SLAT-P-50/400-I
  • Weight: 40.00 kg
  • Packaging: 400 cm x 50 cm x 6 cm

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Product Information

  Suitable as decking or fence panel
  Rough - Unplaned
  For indoor and outdoor use
  Assembled with bamboo dowels
  Directly imported from Indonesia


This extra long rough bamboo slats panel 50 x 400 cm is made from the Indonesian bamboo species Dendrocalamus asper. With a rough bamboo panel, the slats are deliberately unplanned to create a unique and rustic look with an average see-through.

Raw bamboo slats panels are multifunctional and can therefore be used for many different purposes. For example, they can serve as bamboo decking on the beach, at festivals, or on a terrace.

These bamboo panels can also be used as a walking path in a nature reserve, as a walkway, border, palisade or as a rustic fence panel.

Of course, bamboo panels can also be used indoors. Consider, for example, a beautiful wall or ceiling cover, as a room divider or as a base under a glass table top. The possibilities are truly endless ...

The individual bamboo slats are connected to each other by means of a dowel joint (round bamboo pins). This results in a very strong panel with great load bearing capacities. Our rough bamboo slat panels are on average 6 cm thick and 50 cm wide and are easy to cut to size if required.


Material information
Common nameAsper
Latijnse naamDendrocalamus asper
Physical characteristics
Dimensions and weight
Thickness6 cm
Length400 cm
Width50 cm
Weight40 kg
AssemblyBamboo dowels
Application methodRough cut
Treatment and durability

General Properties

  • A rough bamboo panel is a natural product therefore the dimensions of the panels can vary from the specified size. This also applies to the level of see-through.
  • The width and thickness of each individual bamboo slat in this panel varies. The indicated thickness is the average thickness of the entire panel.
  • Bamboo slats are never 100% straight.
  • Each bamboo slat is unique, color differences are possible.
  • The bamboo slats are unplanned, splinters can occur.
  • Just like wood, bamboo is a hygroscopic material. This means that it will absorb moisture from its environment and release it until a balance is reached. This allows the bamboo panels to warp in the longitudinal direction when they are not fixed in a frame.
  • Bamboo used in outdoor conditions will weather over time. By applying Bamboo Booster or Bamboo Protector you can considerably increase its durability and maintain its original color.


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