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Bamboo Slat Tali 300 cm

Bamboo Slat Tali 300 cm
Bamboo Slat Tali 300 cm
Bamboo Slat Tali 300 cm
Bamboo Slat Tali 300 cm
Bamboo Slat Tali 300 cm
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  • Packaging: 300 cm x 4 cm x 1 cm

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This product is CO2-negative!
This product is CO2-negative!
With this purchase you compensate part of your annual CO2 emissions. Our bamboo products extract more greenhouse gases from the air than are emitted during production and transport. Buy from Bamboo Import and join our fight against global warming!

Product Information

  Many different uses and applications
  For indoor and outdoor use
  Natural color - untreated
  Both sides perfectly straight
  Flattened back surface


This bamboo slat of 4 cm wide by 300 cm length is made from the Indonesian Tali bamboo and has a natural beige color. Our bamboo slats are straight cut and have a planed back that makes them easy to process. The average thickness of the bamboo strips is 6-7 mm.

With bamboo slats you can create beautiful and natural accents both for indoor and outdoor applications. They are great for covering walls, ceilings, columns, counters and bars, but also for making photo-or mirror frames, skirting and paneling. In addition, bamboo slats are very flexible and strong so they are often used for making bamboo bows.


Material information
Material Bamboo
Common name Tali
Latijnse naam Gigantochloa apus
Origin Indonesia
Physical characteristics
Color Natural
Surface Matt
Dimensions and weight
Thickness 6-7 mm
Length 300 cm
Width 38 mm
Weight ± 650 gr
Treatment and durability
Finish Unfinished
Treatment Impregnated

Working with Bamboo

Because our bamboo slats are perfectly straight, they can be processed in an easy way. Covering a surface with bamboo slats can be accomplished in a few simple steps:

  1. First determine where you want to apply the bamboo strips. You can place the slats vertically, horizontally or diagonally to make any pattern of choice. Cut the slats to size and arrange them nicely next to each other.
  2. To secure bamboo slats you can use floor-or wood glue, nails, or screws. The method depends on the surface on which you want to apply the slats.
  3. When using screws, pre-drilling is necessary to prevent splits and cracks in the bamboo. Nails should be applied in the nodes of the bamboo slats, preferably use thin nails and a nail gun.


Our bamboo slats are unfinished by default. For indoor applications, we recommend Bamboo Booster, a natural oil that protects the bamboo and highlights its beautiful color. For outdoor applications, we recommend Bamboo Protector, a UV-resistant sealer that protects against weathering.


  • Bamboo is a natural product, so color differences are normal.
  • The distance between the nodes are always different.


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