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Bamboo Topcoat Plywood Lacquer 1L

Bamboo Topcoat Plywood Lacquer 1L
Bamboo Topcoat Plywood Lacquer 1L
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  • Packaging: 13 cm x 11 cm x 11 cm
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Product Information

  Transparent lacquer with subtle satin shine
  Quality finish for engineered bamboo panels
  Protects against wear, stain and discoloration
  Great for applying on furniture and flooring
  For indoor use only
  Consumption: 8 m² per liter


Bamboo Topcoat is a specially developed and high quality waterborne lacquer for protecting engineered bamboo panels such as bamboo plywood or strand woven bamboo. This bamboo lacquer is quick-drying, odorless and easy to use. Bamboo Topcoat has little effect on the color and preserves the natural look of bamboo panels. The light transparent satin shine creates a luxurious finish.

Bamboo Topcoat is ideal for protecting bamboo furniture, walls, doors, countertops, stairs, paneling and flooring, and can accommodate heavy traffic environments such as homes, offices, shops and public buildings.

Bamboo Topcoat has great resistance against moisture and dirt, thereby ensuring an extremely durable result. Bamboo Topcoat also provides optimal protection against wear, stains and discoloration. This special bamboo lacquer does not contain harmful or inflammable solvents and is safe to work with.


Material information
Base Water based
Colour Colorless
Coverage Transparent
Gloss level Satin
Product Type Lacquer
UV-Bestendig Yes
Dimensions and weight
Packaging 1 liter
Weight 1.1 kg
Application method Felt roller, Brush
Coverage per liter 8 m²
Minimum application temperature 10°C
Packaging Bottle
Use Interior
Dry to the touch after 15 min
Tack free after 30 min
Recoat after 16 hours


  1. The bamboo surface should be sanded, clean, dry and free of grease. Uprising bamboo fibers can be prevented by moistening the bamboo panel with a damp cloth prior to applying the first coat. This method generally avoids the need for intermediate sanding before applying the second coating. Intermediate sanding with P120 sandpaper is not necessary for adhesion, but can provide s smoother finish.
  2. Do not dilute as this may disrupt the precise balance of ingredients.
  3. Use a roller or a long-haired brush for the application of Bamboo Topcoat. Only use tools with stainless steel or plastic parts. Clean tools with water. Dried product can be dissolved with acetone.
  4. Distribute the lacquer into uniform bands or sections across the bamboo surface and try to avoid differences in layer thickness. It is important to apply a rich coating of Bamboo Topcoat (first coating at approximately 8 m2 per liter, and the second coating at approximately 10-12 m2 per liter). A rich coating ensures better flow and a better distribution. With 3 coatings you will obtain full protection.


Drying times are valid at 20°C, 65% RH, said consumption and adequate ventilation. A lower temperature and / or higher RH can significantly slow down the drying process. To prevent defects always wait before applying the next coating until the previous coat is sufficiently dry. Do not cover the finished surface with cellophane, carpets, or other coverings for the first two weeks. Only clean with dry cloth during this period.

  • Dry to the touch after ± 15 min
  • Tack-free after ± 30 min
  • Time before repainting ± 16 hours

Do not use Bamboo Topcoat at temperatures below +10°C, above +30°C, and / or at a relative air humidity of more than 85%. The temperature of the surface should be at least 3 degrees °C above dew point. Protect from direct sunlight and provide adequate ventilation to remove vapor during drying.


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