Bamboo wall cladding instantly creates a unique vibe in your home. It is also a modern and environmentally friendly alternative for decorating stores and commercial spaces. Bamboo wall covering is easy to install, doesn't require maintenance and is very durable.

If you are looking for original wall decoration ideas for your home, patio or office, than you might like the examples on this page to get some inspiration. Of course all shown bamboo materials are directly available in our webshop.

Bamboo Wall Cladding

Nowadays interior designers are incorporating more and more eco friendly and sustainable building materials in their projects. Moso bamboo poles are therefore very popular for wall cladding. The natural shiny yellow color of this Chinese bamboo species saves time, because no sealer or varnish has to be applied.

Half Round Bamboo Poles as Wall Covering

Half round bamboo poles can also be used as wall covering or wall decoration (as shown in the picture above). These half split bamboo poles are lightweight and easy to screw into a wall.

Office with Bamboo Wall Covering

South American Guadua bamboo poles create a very robust and dramatic wall covering. These large diameter bamboo poles can be placed against a wall while wooden planks at the top and at the bottom hold the bamboo poles into place.

Bathroom with Bamboo Wall Cladding

Tonkin canes have a natural white yellow color that contrast beautifully against a dark gray background as seen in this bathroom design. Tonkin bamboo canes are less sensitive to extreme changes in temperature and humidity, therefore, it is the most suitable bamboo species for covering bathroom walls.

Conference Room with Bamboo Wall Covering

Bamboo rolls are specifically developed for covering walls and sidings. They can be used indoors and outdoors and are very easy to fasten against a wall. The bamboo rolls shown are 250 cm wide by 250 cm high and are available in a dark brown and natural color.

Bamboo Wall CladdingBlack Bamboo Wall Cladding

Office with Black Bamboo Wall Cladding

Black bamboo rolls used as wall cladding for an office.

Securing Bamboo Wall CladdingSecuring Black Bamboo Wall Cladding

Bamboo rolls are easy to install against a wall with screws. The internal galvanized steel wires keep the bamboo sticks in place.

Patio with Black Bamboo Wall Cladding

Bamboo screens are excellent for refurbishing terrace or patio walls. These black bamboo panels immediately create a tropical and cozy patio dining area.

Interior with Bamboo Wall CoveringBalcony with Black Bamboo Wall Covering

Natural and black bamboo rolls as interior wall decoration for home and balcony.

Patio with Black Bamboo Wall Decoration

Black bamboo rolls used as wall covering on a patio.

Split Bamboo Wall Cladding

Split bamboo rolls are great for creating an exotic home decor. The see-through makes for a playful effect in combination with the background and can be placed both horizontally or vertically.

Massage Room with Bamboo Wall Decoration

Split bamboo rolls used as wall decoration in a massage room and finished with half round bamboo poles.