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Black Bamboo Fence Panel Giant 180 x 180 cm

Black Bamboo Fence Panel Giant 180 x 180 cm
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Black Bamboo Fence Panel Giant 180 x 180 cm
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  • Weight: 50.00 kg
  • Packaging: 180 cm x 8 cm x 180 cm

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Product Information

  Made from Ø 6-9 cm bamboo poles
  Natural color finished with clear sealer
  Naturally capped fence top
  Constructed with internal bamboo sticks
  Imported directly from Indonesia


This Giant black bamboo fence panel of 180 cm wide by 180 cm high will add a beautiful and exotic touch to your garden, terrace or balcony in no time. The Java Black bamboo poles in these fencing panels have an average diameter of 6-9 cm and are connected by internal horizontal bamboo dowels that run through the entire width of the fence panel. The result in a very stable, durable and robust bamboo privacy fence.


Material information
Common nameJava Black
Latijnse naamGigantochloa atroviolacea
Physical characteristics
ColorDark brown
Diameter stokken60-90 mm
See through95%
Dimensions and weight
Width180 cm
Height180 cm
Weight50 kg
AssemblyBamboo dowels
Treatment and durability
Durability15 years
FinishTransparent laquer


There are two general rules to keep in mind before installing Giant bamboo fence panels. First of all, please remember that one side of a bamboo fence panel has all naturally capped bamboo poles, this is the top side of the fence and should be facing up. 

Secondly, always try to leave a minimal 2 cm space between a bamboo fence and the ground to avoid direct contact with wet soil as this might cause black stains over time. You could rest the fencing panel on a wooden plank while installing the fence.

  1. To install Giant bamboo fence panels in the garden we developed a special stainless steel mounting kit that, in combination with hardwood fence posts, allows you to install Giant bamboo fence panels without the need of additional support. Optionally you can hide the hardwood fence posts with half round bamboo poles for the ultimate finish. See this manual for more information.
  2. If you need to install a Giant bamboo fence panel against an existing wall or wooden fence, drill small holes through the bamboo poles with a 7 mm drill bit. Do this every other bamboo pole in horizontal direction and fasten the bamboo fence with 6 x 100 mm screws. Repeat this toward the top and bottom of the fence for maximum stability. Do not use excessive force when tightening the screws to avoid damaging the bamboo poles. 

Adjusting the size of a bamboo fence panel

  • A big advantage of bamboo is that it is easy to work with. You can simply adjust the width of a bamboo fence panel by cutting the horizontal bamboo dowels. The last bamboo pole on the edge of the panel should than be secured to the inner bamboo dowels with a small screw.  
  • To adjust the height of the fence you can trim the bottom of the bamboo poles with a fine teeth saw blade. Make sure to trim the bottom part and not the naturally closed top of the fence. For a perfect result you may also want to wrap strong tape around the bamboo poles before cutting them to size in order to avoid frayed cut-offs.



Bamboo used in outdoor conditions will weather over time. We advice to treat bamboo fencing on an annual basis with Bamboo Booster, a specially developed natural oil that increases the durability and preserves the natural yellow or black color of bamboo.


  • Each bamboo pole is unique, therefore color differences in a fence panel are possible.
  • The diameter of each pole in a bamboo fence panel may slightly vary.
  • Vertical cracks can/will occur in bamboo poles. Just like wood, bamboo expands or shrinks when temperature or humidity conditions change. Cracks, however, have no effect on the durability of a bamboo fence.


Reviews for Black Bamboo Fence Panel Giant 180 x 180 cm

4.8 Stars 13 Reviews


Gerrit Hoogerbrug 12/09/2019

Schuur heeft nu minder inkijk

Het oude houthok dat nu dienst doet als schuur heeft nu minder inkijk en oogt bijzonder shiny en fraai.

Helpful (0) Not helpful (0)

CB G 18/08/2019

Schutting staat er strak bij

Schutting staat er strak bij, verder nog een houtopslag, een opstelplaats voor plastic en rest afval en twee potten bekleed waar sinds vanochtend planten in staan.

Helpful (0) Not helpful (0)

Frank Kroese 13/05/2019

Een metamorfose met zwarte bamboe

Pas verhuisd, maar de tuin heeft een lelijke dikke coniferenhaag. Dode stukken en vergroeid met daarin een metalen hek. Een metamorfose met Zwarte bamboe!
Ook de restjes zijn gebruikt. Het resultaat mag er zijn! Heel veel positieve reacties! Geen van deze mensen hadden het ooit gezien.

Helpful (0) Not helpful (0)

André Poorthuis 08/05/2019

Koivijver met Japanse uitstraling

Vorig jaar eerst een schutting deel met de halve bamboe panelen bekleed. En een afscheiding dwars in de tuin geplaatst met de volle ronde schutting delen. Dit allemaal bij de koivijver om het een meer Japanse uitstraling te geven.

Van 7 bamboe palen die ik had overgehouden, heb ik de afgelopen week een pergola gemaakt. Ben dus uitermate tevreden over de geleverde bamboe producten van u.

Helpful (0) Not helpful (0)

Erik van Riezen 07/03/2018

Bamboes schutting voor overdekt terras

Enkele foto's van de nieuwe bamboe schutting voor ons overdekt terras.

Helpful (0) Not helpful (0)

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