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Black Bamboo Pergola Java 3 x 4 m

Black Bamboo Pergola Java 3 x 4 m
Black Bamboo Pergola Java 3 x 4 m
Black Bamboo Pergola Java 3 x 4 m
Black Bamboo Pergola Java 3 x 4 m
Black Bamboo Pergola Java 3 x 4 m
Black Bamboo Pergola Java 3 x 4 m
Black Bamboo Pergola Java 3 x 4 m
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  • Model: PERG-NZ-300/400-I
  • Weight: 88.00 kg
  • Packaging: 400 cm x 45 cm x 45 cm

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Easy to cut to size!
Easy to cut to size!
Need a different size? Our bamboo pergolas can easily be cut to size with our Japanese saw.

Product Information

  Affordable bamboo DIY kit
  Natural color - untreated
  Includes drill bit, bolts, washers and nuts
  Easy to install and trim to size


With our affordable black bamboo pergola kit you can quickly transform any garden, outdoor party or event into an exotic setting. Prefab pergolas made from bamboo are easy to install and come with a special drill bit and all the required hardware.

Standard size is 3 m x 4 m x 3 m (h), but since bamboo is very easy to cut you can customize the dimensions to your likings. The diameters of the bamboo sticks in this pergola kit are: Ø 5-7 cm (rafters), Ø 8-10 cm (beams), Ø 8-10 cm (posts).

Our pergola kit is packed in convenient bundles for easy transportation.

Key Features

Bamboo Import always strives to offer the highest quality products at the most competitive prices, and for this Black Bamboo Pergola Kit we made no exception:

  • All bamboo poles are carefully selected to facilitate installation and to maximize their durability.
  • The bamboo poles are packed in bundles for easy transport.
  • Hardware and instruction manual are included for easy assembly.
  • The black bamboo pergola can be fully or partially enclosed with optional bamboo fence panels or rolled bamboo fencing.
  • Can be used as a temporary or permanent bamboo structure.


Material information
Common nameJava Black
Latijnse naamGigantochloa atroviolacea
Physical characteristics
ColorDark brown
Diamater rafters50-70 mm
Diameter beams80-100 mm
Diameter posts80-100 mm
Dimensions and weight
Length400 cm
Width300 cm
Height300 cm
Weight± 88 kg
Treatment and durability
Durability10 years


  • A bamboo pergola can be used to create a permanent shaded walkway or sitting area in a garden, a patio or on a rooftop terrace. With a thatched roof they can even provide protection from the harsh glare of direct sunlight.
  • Bamboo pergolas can also form an extension of a building to an open garden feature such as a pool or give climbing plants a structure on which to grow. 
  • As a temporary structure they are the perfect focal point or intimate setting for special events such as outdoor weddings, parties or festivals.
  • Optionally you can also lash the joints of a bamboo pergola with our manila or black palm rope for the ultimate tropical look.



Bamboo used in outdoor conditions will weather over time. We advice to treat a black bamboo pergola on an annual basis with Bamboo Protector which is a specially developed UV-resistant transparent sealer that preserves the natural black color of bamboo.


  • Each bamboo pole is unique, therefore color differences in a fence roll are possible.
  • The diameter of each pole in a bamboo fence roll may vary slightly.
  • Vertical cracks can/will occur in bamboo poles. Just like wood, bamboo expands or shrinks when temperature or humidity conditions change. Cracks, however, have no effect on the structural integrity of a bamboo fence.


Reviews for Black Bamboo Pergola Java 3 x 4 m

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Pascal Van Haandel 11/06/2019

Bamboe pergola met waterdicht strodak

Mooie bamboe pergola gemaakt met een strodak. Bewust gekozen om een schuin dak te maken om deze waterdicht te krijgen. Aan de onderzijde gespleten bamboe en dan een dik waterdicht zeil en dan de stromatten. Al met al mooi waterdicht geworden! En een erg mooi en leuk resultaat.

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Rem Bosman 11/05/2019

Bamboe pergola en schutting

Heb mijn tuin ingericht met een zwarte bamboe pergola en bijpassende schutting.

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