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Black Bamboo Renovator 1L

Black Bamboo Renovator 1L
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Black Bamboo Renovator 1L
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  • Packaging: 13 cm x 11 cm x 11 cm
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Product Information

  Restores weathered black bamboo
  With UV protective component
  Easy to apply
  Light satin gloss
  Consumption: 10 m²


Black Bamboo Renovator is a dark stain that restores the original color of weathered bamboo. This product is designed for renovating black bamboo materials such as black bamboo poles, fencing, screens, structures, etc.

When bamboo (or any wood for that matter) is used for outdoor purposes, it may lose its original color and turn greyish white over time. The weathering of bamboo is caused by permanent exposure to sun, rain and wind and can reduce the service life and durability of your bamboo fence, structure or furniture.

Black Bamboo Renovator is equipped with a UV protective component for exterior use. For that reason it doesn't only restore the dark bamboo color, it also helps to protect against future weathering. This dark stain has a satin appearance that beautifully highlights the deep, warm and natural dark color of black bamboo.


Material information
Base Turpentine based
Colour Dark brown
Coverage Transparent
Gloss level Satin
Product Type Sealer
UV-Bestendig Yes
Dimensions and weight
Packaging 1 liter
Weight 1 kg
Application method ABrush
Coverage per liter 10 m²
Minimum application temperature 10°C
Packaging Can
Use Interior & Exterior
Dry to the touch after 1½ hours
Tack free after 4 hours
Recoat after 16 hours


  1. Prepare the bamboo surface as it must be clean, dry and free of grease before applying Black Bamboo Renovator. Remove dirt with a brush, sponge or high-pressure washer and let the bamboo dry out completely.
  2. Open the container and stir well before use. The product should not be diluted.
  3. Apply Black Bamboo Renovator with a brush and distribute it well. Depending the discoloration we recommend applying 2 to 3 thin layers. Time before applying each new coating is approximately 16 hours.
  4. Brushes can be cleaned with white spirit.


Reviews for Black Bamboo Renovator 1L

5 Stars 3 Reviews


Erik 23/07/2019

Ze blijven prachtig

Super blij met de giant bamboe. Af en toe effe bij lakken met de renovator black. Ze blijven prachtig.

Helpful (1) Not helpful (0)

Antoinette Grootenboer 17/04/2019

Zwarte bamboo verkleurd door de zon

Zwarte bamboo verkleurd door de zon. Maar opfrisbeurt gegeven en ziet er weer als nieuw uit. We zijn er nog steeds heel blij mee.

Helpful (4) Not helpful (0)

Jacco 06/08/2017

Eerste beits was geen succes maar dankzij de nieuwe beits van Bamboo Import is mijn bamboescherm weer als nieuw!!!

Helpful (8) Not helpful (2)

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