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Bamboo Import 07 Apr 2021 0 148
Bamboo is known as an incredibly durable and environmentally friendly product. But what makes bamboo so environmentally friendly?Bamboo grows incredibly fast. This makes it a product that can be harve..
Lara 30 Mar 2021 0 187
Perhaps you’ve already noticed, but over the last few months there have been a lot of changes in our team. That’s because we have been growing a lot. Therefor the team has also grown lots, which meant..
Lara 24 Mar 2021 0 501
Spring is in the air and we all want to enjoy the sun. This often comes with the idea of redecorating your garden or balcony. It is clear that people value privacy in their own space when we look at t..
21 Mar 2021 0 330
The winners of our Winter 2020 Photocontest are in! Congrats to N Oudewater, L van Dijk and Manon Bangma for these beautiful pictures.1st PlaceThis picture of the jungleroom of N Oudewater got the mos..
Lara 16 Mar 2021 0 322
Today is the International Day of the Panda. A valid excuse to have a look at the cute giant panda. As you may know panda’s eat bamboo and we sell bamboo. But not to worry, we are not a threat to the ..
27 Jan 2021 0 1219
The winners of our autums 2020 bamboo photo contest are in! Congratulations to Hiske vd Bij, Dorina de Meyer and Stephan de Graaf for their beautiful pictures and end results. 1st Place This beautif..
Stephane 30 Dec 2020 0 1113
It is almost January and so the new housing trends for 2021 are springing up like mushrooms. A material that has made a huge appearance in recent years and fits well within the trends of 2021 is bambo..
Bamboo Import 06 Dec 2020 0 28
Are you thinking about making a bamboo canopy? We are presenting some fun ideas for your inspiration. All bamboo materials are available in our webshop. Smart usage of our bamboo pergola as protection..
23 Sep 2020 0 2078
The winners of our summer 2020 bamboo photo contest are in! Congratulations to Dilara, Arno Breedveld and Stiene Van den Eynde for their beautiful pictures and end results. 1st Place The photo of ..
22 Jun 2020 0 4416
The winners of our spring 2020 bamboo photo contest are in! Congratulations to Mandjes, Miguel De Loose and Barbara Vos for their beautiful pictures and end results. 1st Place The photo of this st..
Bamboo Import 02 Apr 2020 0 6680
Building your own bamboo swing for the garden is perfectly possible with the right materials. Of course you need strong bamboo poles that can take a beating so that they can easily bear the weight o..
Bamboo Import 14 Feb 2020 0 5139
It's that time of year again when spring is around the corner and many of us are starting to look forward to the first warm sun rays on the terrace or balcony, or the coziness of a barbecue in the ..
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