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Lara 19 Nov 2021 0 252
You can bring more peace to your interior by using natural elements. It is common to see wooden decoration branches and sticks, but bamboo is also an option. If you like to bring nature into your home..
Bamboo Import 10 Nov 2021 0 109
People like to make music: in traditional ceremonies, or simply for atmosphere and entertainment. This has been happening for thousands of years, all over the world. When making the instruments, a hol..
Lara 05 Nov 2021 0 180
It is quite easy to make a bamboo birdhouse yourself. During this time of year the weather gets colder and it is nice for birds to have somewhere to hide and sleep. In the spring, your bamboo birdhous..
Lara 03 Nov 2021 0 109
Photo by James Harris for BamboologyBamboology is a UK-based organisation which designs and constructs unique bamboo structures. Whilst combining traditional craft skills with organic materials, they ..
Bamboo Import 25 Oct 2021 0 124
Want to install bamboo cladding yourself? In this manual we show how you can transform your facade with our bamboo cladding planks in 4 easy steps.PreparationGood preparation is half the job. Think ca..
Lara 20 Oct 2021 0 313
An earlier blog explained the difference in colors and hardness of different types of bamboo, but what determines the thickness within a species? There’s Guadua poles of ø 5-7, but also Guadua poles o..
Lara 14 Oct 2021 0 232
The insects are struggling. In essence: a silent disaster is happening! Since the ‘70s over 70% have decreased. Urbanization is taking away viable living spaces for the insects. There are different in..
Lara 04 Oct 2021 0 241
In the new Boost Productions show, we can see how two acrobats build a vertical dreamworld in a circus-like act with 20 bamboo poles. “Boost Producties is known for their beautiful circustheater and ‘..
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