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Bamboo Import 18 Apr 2016 0 27027
Marco van G. from Flevoland contemplated with the idea to build a unique bamboo garden fence with integrated sliding gate at the entrance of his home. His eye was caught on the black bamboo fence pa..
17 Apr 2016 0 5914
These are the winners of the Winter 2016 bamboo photo contest. Have you also made a beautiful bamboo project with one of our products? Don't hesitate to submit your best photos and get a chance to win..
Bamboo Import 05 Apr 2016 0 209402
Bamboo is one of the most useful plants as it can be used to make houses, traps, cages, furniture, tools, weapons, bridges, rafts, towers, fences, water wheels, irrigation pipes, and thousands of ot..
Bamboo Import 29 Mar 2016 0 120427
Bamboo is often described as very durable, however, this is primarily in reference to the sustainable growth of the bamboo plant, and not so much about the durability of the bamboo stems. Proper use,..
Stephane 08 Mar 2016 0 133430
Thinking about building a beautiful pergola for your garden or terrace this year? With our prefabricated bamboo pergola kit it's simple and affordable to set up your own. Before installation, unpac..
Bamboo Import 15 Jan 2016 0 40067
With our prefab DIY kits you can easily build a pergola from wood and bamboo. The beautiful wooden pergola with bamboo joists is specially designed to support vines, roses and grapes in the bamboo r..
Bamboo Import 10 Jan 2016 0 6441
This year we decided to restyle the conference room as our premises in the Netherlands continue to expand. We believe that this new bamboo conference room feels very cozy due to its modern yet natu..
Bamboo Import 22 Dec 2014 0 13293
Unique car park with bamboo cladding at the Medical Center and Blood Bank in Amsterdam. The impressive bamboo car park at the Slotervaart Medical Center in Amsterdam is the second of its kind but t..
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