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Lara 17 Aug 2021 0 1011
It is more and more common: a pallet sofa. These lounges can be easily made of old pallets. Nowadays they are so popular that you can even buy look-a-likes in stores. But with only three pallets you c..
Bamboo Import 10 Aug 2021 0 676
Photo: Julian Maynard SmithThe Antepavillion hosts artsy, experimental projects for an architectural contest each year. The theme of this year: Bartizan. Project Bunny Rabbit shows their creative take..
Bamboo Import 04 Aug 2021 0 519
Roller blinds are available in many different versions, but Bamboo Import consciously chooses roller blinds that are made from natural materials such as reed and bamboo. This environmentally friendly ..
Bamboo Import 21 Jul 2021 0 1451
Bamboo comes in all shapes and sizes. The bamboo we sell is actually the natural color of the bamboo, we do not dye it. Only our black decking boards have been thermically modified where it gets its d..
Lara 14 Jul 2021 0 1268
Our products are a part of what is known as a circular economy. This concept comes from the idea that every product should be recyclable or reusable in some way shape or form. When burning a candle, y..
Bamboo Import 06 Jul 2021 0 687
Bamboo decking is environmentally friendly and very durable. It has a luxurious look and you can use your regular tools you would use on your wooden planks. They are prepped for outdoor use and fall i..
Lara 30 Jun 2021 0 1364
Perhaps you’ve heart of the Titan Arum? This plant only rarely flowers, just like Agave. Agave only flowers at the end of its lifecycle which can last up to fourty years! People flock to botanical gar..
Lara 24 Jun 2021 0 1139
It's good to help the birds out a bit when the temperature drops. You can do so by putting out seeds and fatmixes on your balcony or in your garden. But you could also make one of these to put in your..
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