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21 Jun 2021 0 1445
The winners of our summer 2020 bamboo photo contest are in! Congratulations to Natascha Retz, Mariska Biesheuvel and Chloé Ramboer for their beautiful pictures and end results. 1st Place The photo..
Lara 16 Jun 2021 0 792
We were contacted by a student of Industrial Design at the KABK in The Hague in the beginning of march. Jakov was doing a project about product innovation and improvement. He wanted to be sustainable ..
Lara 08 Jun 2021 0 1603
We often showcase pictures of bamboo planters made by customers. When people see those, they think it’s a complicated thing to made but do not worry! It is fairly easy to make your own bamboo plante..
Bamboo Import 05 Jun 2021 0 530
It has been a little while since Stéphane left Bamboo Import Europe so he could live in Colombia with his family. Stéphane continued on with his own company Guadua Bamboo. Since it has been about 9 mo..
Bamboo Import 26 May 2021 0 1813
Bamboo is exceptionally suitable to use in your interior decorating. Our customers have shown be to very creative with bamboo poles, but we also sell ready to go roomdividers. We have roomdividers mad..
Bamboo Import 20 May 2021 0 2016
A mosquito net can transform your bedroom into an oasis of tranquility. Give your bedroom a natural look and bring in cozy, Asian influences with a mosquito net holder made of bamboo. It doesn’t only ..
Bamboo Import 18 May 2021 0 2965
Everybody has used salt in their food at some point. Or perhaps you’ve used bath salt. But have you heard of bamboo salt? A salt from Korea that is made with bamboo. It is known to be capable of man..
Lara 12 May 2021 0 2594
A windchime brings calmness to your terrace or balcony. Traditionally they were used to scare off angry spirits, nowadays its mostly used for decoration. In Asia it is believed the sound of a wind c..
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