In the new Boost Productions show, we can see how two acrobats build a vertical dreamworld in a circus-like act with 20 bamboo poles.


“Boost Producties is known for their beautiful circustheater and ‘Interesting Mistakes’ is no exception to this. This show is once again a lust for the eye and brain.” - Festival Circolo


The show is an amazingly challenging game where the limits are tested over and over again. With our long moso poles they truly are seeking higher grounds. They dream of flying and look for the heights. In their enthusiasm, with their heads in the clouds, forget that flying can also mean falling. But in every surprise there’s opportunity…


With Boost Productions you’re guaranteed at the edge of your chair. Known for an array of shows, with this year's “Walking on Circus” and “Webbing Dress”. Boost is unique and peculiar.  The dynamic shows never fail to inspire the public.


This shows us how versatile bamboo is. The strength of the bamboo shows on stage. It is the perfect combination of lightweight, yet strong poles. This makes bamboo the perfect choice for the production.


On Wednesday, October 13th you can visit the premiere of Interesting Mistakes at Toneelschuur Haarlem.

Photo’s: Roos de Bolster