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Bamboo Import 24 Sep 2021 0 467
Earlier this year, Bamboo Import Europe got nominated for the NHN Business Awards. Yesterday, September 23rd, we were announced to have made it to the semi-finals! We made it to the long list of 10 co..
Bamboo Import 05 Jun 2021 0 416
It has been a little while since Stéphane left Bamboo Import Europe so he could live in Colombia with his family. Stéphane continued on with his own company Guadua Bamboo. Since it has been about 9 mo..
Lara 13 Apr 2021 0 655
We receive our products from all over the world. Our reed products come from China. This is where we import our reedmats and reed curtains. Our suppliers often sent us video's and pictures from behind..
Lara 30 Mar 2021 0 637
Perhaps you’ve already noticed, but over the last few months there have been a lot of changes in our team. That’s because we have been growing a lot. Therefor the team has also grown lots, which meant..
Bamboo Import 14 Feb 2020 0 5944
It's that time of year again when spring is around the corner and many of us are starting to look forward to the first warm sun rays on the terrace or balcony, or the coziness of a barbecue in the ..
Bamboo Import 18 Apr 2017 0 11690
Our spectacular growth of recent years has led us to invest more in our partners abroad. Two years ago, we started building additional storage in Indonesia. The entire building was funded by Bamboo Im..
Bamboo Import 10 Jan 2016 0 6275
This year we decided to restyle the conference room as our premises in the Netherlands continue to expand. We believe that this new bamboo conference room feels very cozy due to its modern yet natu..
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