Our spectacular growth of recent years has led us to invest more in our partners abroad. Two years ago, we started building additional storage in Indonesia. The entire building was funded by Bamboo Import Europe which helped the supplier tremendously as they would otherwise be forced to take out expensive loans. This theme is close to our heart since we import bamboo from developing areas in Asia and South America.

Construction of new warehouse in Indonesia Bamboo storage facility in Indonesia
Building our new warehouse in Indonesia (2015) Finished storage facility (2016)
New bamboo storage facility in Indonesia

By supporting our partners this way we create a sense of security which greatly improves their wellbeing and prosperity. Fair wages for workers are also of crucial importance. People who work with passion create top quality products which obviously benefits our customers.

During our yearly visits we'll always try to organize something special for all employees to thank them for their hard work. We think it is important to express our appreciation to all men and woman who are committed to create great products for us.

Luxury dinner in Indonesia Bamboo team in Indonesia

Luxury dinner hosted by Bamboo Import Europe in Yogyakarta.

Bamboo Import Europe also supports local farmers. We strongly believe in fair trade and therefore chose to buy all of our raw bamboo materials directly from small local farmers. Since we do not use any middlemen, farmers receive fair prices that are well above the standard market price. The positive impact of this strategy is immediately visible as farmers are now investing in their own bamboo plantations. As it turns out farming bamboo is in many cases more profitable than other more traditional agricultural activities.

Inspection of raw bamboo in Indonesia

Planting bamboo also has a very important ecological aspect. Bamboo grows very fast and produces on average 35% more oxygen than regular trees. This is crucial because large-scale deforestation for palm oil plantations remains a huge problem in Indonesia. To survive, farmers often have no choice than to clear their land for raising cattle or other agricultural activities. Fortunately for them, growing bamboo is now a viable alternative both economically and ecologically!​

Bamboo nursery in Indonesia

Oxfam Novib is also committed to entrepreneurial men and woman in developing countries. Thanks to their microfinance program they offer people a chance to build their own business and an independent existence. This way, people can build their own future and a sustainable economy for their country.

Bamboo factory in Indonesia

We are very proud to make a difference for many people in Indonesia. It is awesome to see a few hundred families benefiting from our joint investments.