It has been a little while since Stéphane left Bamboo Import Europe so he could live in Colombia with his family. Stéphane continued on with his own company Guadua Bamboo. Since it has been about 9 months we decided to give you a little update on what he is working on.  


Guadua Bamboo is currently working on planting new bamboo on their beautiful property 'Hacienda Guadua Bamboo'. In contact with Stéphane earlier this year he asked us if we wanted to sponsor a plant. We couldn't say no, this fits perfectly with the philosophy we have as a company. We had the freedom to choose from a few different species of bamboo and eventually went for "Dragon bamboo". This bamboo is one of the very biggest, recordbreaking bamboo. The diameter can be up to ø40cm with walls of up to 6cm. This bamboo also grows up to 46 meters high! 


Our plant has been planted a few months ago. Guadua Bamboo has a blog where you can check for updates of our plant.


Stéphane with the now a few month old bamboo.

Photos © Stéphane Schöder / Guadua Bamboo