We receive our products from all over the world. Our reed products come from China. This is where we import our reedmats and reed curtains. Our suppliers often sent us video's and pictures from behind the scenes. Here is a small selection of our latest. 

The reed gets harvested every year. Its a lot like mowing grass, because it'll all grow back. Reed generally can grow up to a maximum of 6 meters. The mowed reeds gets dried and then made into products. This is where you can see the process from harvest to production. After production it'll get loaded onto a boat to later on get loaded into a shipping container and get shipped to the Netherlands. Thats when it'll eventually end up in our warehouse in Beverwijk, ready for you to buy. 

Here you'll see our production in a video, through our Instagram.

We sell a wide variety of reed products here at Bamboo Import. Our reed mats have been here for a few years, but new this year are our reed curtains! A budgetfriendly solution for shadow and privacy.