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Coupon Policy

These conditions apply to the use of coupon codes offered by Bamboo Import Europe BV ( By using coupon codes, you agree to these terms.

  1. These conditions apply to digital and printed coupon codes offered by
  2. Digital coupons are linked to an email address. The coupon code will only work if the appropriate e-mail address is used when ordering products. The coupon code can not be used with a different email address.
  3. The duration and expiration date of a coupon is limited. Each coupon code is valid until a certain period, after this period the coupon code will no longer work.
  4. Coupon codes issued by can only be used for purchases at
  5. You can not use coupon codes for pending orders.
  6. Coupon codes issued by can not be used for purchasing engineered bamboo panels or fasteners.
  7. Unless otherwise stated, coupon codes can only be used once per person and per email address.
  8. If a coupon code is used for items whose (total) value is below the value of the coupon code, the remaining value of the coupon code expires.
  9. Deals are subject to availability.
  10. Sometimes the delivered products do not meet the conditions laid down in Article 6 and Article 11.3 of the general terms and conditions. In such case, contact and return the article. You will receive a new coupon code similar to the value of the old code to the extent of the remaining value. This also applies if can not deliver the ordered goods, unless it is an action item for which the code is valid while stocks last. The replacement code will in these cases have a validity period of fourteen (14) days after release.
  11. You can not trade coupon codes for money. You can not get a discount with a coupon code on products other than products covered by the relevant code-action and which are further described in the statements of the code.
  12. Coupon codes are issued once. In case of theft or loss there will be no reimbursement. Under loss is also includes (accidentally) erasing of emails.
  13. It is not allowed to modify or distort discount codes including hacking, spreading viruses, spamming or forwarding.
  14. You can not use coupon codes for commercial purposes and / or purposes other than those for which they are issued.
  15. Each case of (attempted) fraud or other unauthorized operation is registered and will lead to blocking the coupon code.
  16. Per order you can use an unlimited amount of gift vouchers or a combination of up to one coupon code and an unlimited amount of gift vouchers.

Redeeming your coupon code is very simple:

  1. Terms and conditions vary per coupon code. Carefully read the e-mail where the code is issued.
  2. Add one or more items in your shopping cart.
  3. Go to "View cart"
  4. After logging in and checking your data, you can pay by entering the code. Enter the code exactly (numbers, letters, dashes).

If you have questions about using coupon codes, please contact our customer service.

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