Custom Bamboo Orders

Do you have a unique bamboo idea or design that you wish to have custom made, than we can help you!​

Bamboo Import Europe provides professional services where we can customize or build exclusive bamboo products. Whether you need us to cut bamboo poles or fences to a specific size or require custom made bamboo furniture for a hotel or restaurant, you can count on us. Based on your needs, we will recommend the most suitable bamboo materials to achieve the best results.

Examples of Previous Projects

Bamboo Import makes the finest bamboo designs for home and garden, and for both private customers and businesses. Below you'll find a handful of examples of our work; from bespoke bamboo furniture to bamboo wall cladding, structures or tailored bamboo fence panels, we can make it all.

Customized bamboo wall cladding for parking garages

Custom made bamboo cabins for Floriade 2012

Customized bamboo pergolas for sport clubs

Customized bamboo dining tables and room dividers

Green bamboo poles for storefronts

Customized bamboo shelving

How to fill out the application form?

"What's the price for a 5 x 5 bamboo structure?" These or similar inquiries, are virtually impossible to answer because they do not contain enough useful information. What are the dimensions of the structure, what diameter poles do you prefer, what kind of roofing did you have in mind, where will you install the structure,…

In order to provide you with the best and most accurate quote it is important to disclose as much details as possible about your project, below a few tips:

  • Clearly indicate the required dimensions, possibly by means of a drawing, photograph or sketch (which you can easily upload in our application form).
  • How will it be used? For example will it be used indoors, in the garden, on a balcony, fixed against a wall, as free-standing object, etc.
  • What bamboo materials should we incorporate for the design, for example tell us what bamboo poles, fencing panels or laminated bamboo ply you want to use. Also state the preferred color and thickness of the materials.
  • If possible, provide us with a budget so that we can present realistic solutions.

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