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Delivery and Pickup

Delivery and pickup options

You can specify a preferred delivery date in the checkout screen under "Add your comments" with your order. We try to take this into account as much as possible, but we cannot guarantee this due to the delivery routes. You will receive an e-mail from us at least one day before delivery with the planned delivery date and a time indication of the delivery.

The delivery time depends on the products you order and your delivery address. The estimated delivery time is indicated per product. If you order different products with different delivery time indications, the longest delivery time applies. If you order larger quantities of a product the delivery time also deviates from the indication on the website. Almost all orders are delivered within 5 business days. If a product from your order is out of stock, your order will not be sent until the whole order is complete.

Depending on which transport company that carries out the delivery, it may be possible to have your order delivered in the evening or on Saturday. Saturday or evening deliveries are possible for packages with dimensions up to 200 cm length. Larger products such as fence panels or long bamboo poles (+200 cm) can only be delivered on business days. There are no deliveries on Sundays.

Because the dimensions of our products usually differ greatly from a standard postal package and because we always offer the lowest prices, it is not feasible for us to offer free delivery. We do have fixed shipping costs per product group. You pay the same delivery costs for an order of 1 fence panel or 10 fence panels. This way you automatically receive a volume discount on the transport costs.

Shipping rates for the Netherlands are:

  • € 8.75 for packages up to 40 cm length.
  • € 11.99 for packages up to 200 cm length.
  • € 39.95 for packages between 201-300 cm length.
  • € 44.95 for packages between 301-500 cm length.
  • € 175.00 for packages between 501-600 cm length.
  • € 54.95 for all fencing panels and gates.
  • € 55.90 for plywood panels between 10-20 mm thick.
  • € 114.95 for plywood panels between 30-40 mm thick.

Shipping rates for Belgium are:

  • € 11.99 for packages up to 40 cm length.
  • € 21.95 for packages up to 200 cm length.
  • € 59.95 for packages between 201-300 cm length.
  • € 69.95 for packages between 301-500 cm length.
  • € 275.00 for packages between 501-600 cm length.
  • € 74.95 for all fencing panels and gates.
  • € 95.95 for plywood panels between 10-20 mm thick.
  • € 137.95 for plywood panels between 30-40 mm thick.

It is not possible to place an order via our webshop for delivery outside the Netherlands or Belgium. Due to the dimensions of our products the delivery costs are often many times higher than the order value itself.

If you, as a private individual, want to buy our products and have them shipped outside the Netherlands or Belgium, please contact one of the official Bamboo Import dealers. For larger or business orders abroad, you can always request a quote by contacting our customer service.

You can order and pay via our webshop and choose "Pickup From Store" as the shipping method. You will receive an e-mail when the order can be collected in our store in Beverwijk.

You can also choose to come by (without an appointment) and pay by pin or cash. We have a very large stock of 5000 m² where you can see and select the products yourself.

Attention! If cutting to size or other work needs to be performed, the product must be ordered in advance.

Delivery issues

Keep an eye on your track & trace for the most up-to-date information about your delivery. It is rare, but unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances an order is sometimes delivered later than planned. In the exceptional case that this happens, we will do everything we can to get your order to you as soon as possible.

Are you not at home when the delivery takes place? Then the order will be placed (if possible) in the (front) garden or with your neighbours. You will receive a message in your mailbox with more information about where the order was delivered.

We package our products as good as possible, but unfortunately products can get damaged during transport. We are happy to solve that for you! Fill out the return form within 14 days and clearly describe what the damage is and what you want as a solution. Please also send us some photo’s of the damage. This way we can help you as good as possible.

It is also possible to return products in our store in Beverwijk.

You expect a delivery, but it is not or only partially delivered? That's annoying. In this case, please first check the points below.

  1. The track & trace code: Check the status of your order via the track & trace page. It is possible that your order was lost during transport, damaged or delayed for some reason. It is also possible that one order gets delivered in several partial deliveries.
  2. The delivery address: Is the delivery address you entered correct?
  3. The (digital) mailbox: Have you received a not-at-home message in your (digital) mailbox? Your package may have been delivered with the neighbours or handed over to a pick-up point in the area. Or maybe the delivery person has scheduled a new delivery time.
  4. The package itself: We usually send two or sometimes three products as one bundle / package. We seal these products tightly together. Although it seems as if you have only received one reed roll or split bamboo fence roll, there are often two or more products bundled together. This also applies to smaller parts such as wire ties, screws, bolts, drills, ropes, etc. We tightly seal these products around the larger products. So first remove all the plastic seal from your order to check whether all products are present.

Have you checked all the points above, but still are certain that you have not yet received your whole order? Then contact our customer service.

First of all our apologies, we are sorry that you are not satisfied with the delivery. You can report a complaint through our website so that we can find out why it went wrong and how we can prevent this in the future. Of course we also try to find a suitable solution for you as soon as possible.