Discount Dried Bamboo Rhizomes

Discount Dried Bamboo Rhizomes

Beautiful dried bamboo rhizomes (rootstocks) for sale at €9,95/piece (*pictures show 2 pieces). These bamboo rhizomes are the underground part of a bamboo stem and provide for reproduction of the plant, for storage and transportation of food and water throughout the plant and for the anchoring of the bamboo plant in the soil.

A bamboo rhizome has a natural and whimsical appearance that is incredibly beautiful and decorative on a table or in a terrarium. In addition, bamboo rhizomes are quite hard, which gives them a long life span.

Properties of bamboo rhizomes

  • Bamboo is a natural product, therefore each rhizome is unique
  • The average length is about 30-40 cm
  • The average width is about 15-20 cm
Product Information
Common nameTali
Scientific NameGigantochloa apus
Country of originIndonesia
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  Beautiful, and naturally decorative
  Each piece is unique
  Avg. length: 30-40 cm
  Avg. width: 15-20 cm
  Price is per rhizome (*photos show 2 rhizomes)

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  • €9.95

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