Our products are a part of what is known as a circular economy. This concept comes from the idea that every product should be recyclable or reusable in some way shape or form. When burning a candle, you’re often left with a little stump that’s no longer useful. Instead of throwing it away, you could also melt it into a new candle. That is how we made two candles in two old pieces of bamboo.


You’ll need old candles and rest material bamboo to make these. We sanded down the bottom so it can stand on its own. You could also use two half rings to make stand up. Do you not have any spare bamboo and still want to make some candles? You could buy halfround poles and use carboard to make a compartment. You could also consider buying a regular meter pole and using the rest of it in some of our other DIY’s.



-       Old candles

-       Bamboo with a minimum of two nodes

-       Minimum of two wicks

-       Pegs or wick holders

-       Two small pots that fit into each other.


Step 1.

Pick out some bamboo for your candle. Be wary that there aren’t any tears or damage to the bamboo. It’ll need to be able to stand stable, that is why it is best to sand down the bottom. You could also use two half rings of bamboo to make legs for it.


Step 2.

Fill the bigger pot with some water and put the smaller one in the water. Now you’ve created a situation where you can melt “au-bain-marie”. Don’t put the fire on too high, let it melt slowly. Put the old candle into the small pot.


Step 3.

Use some glue or double-sided tape to attach the wicks to the bottom. Then you use the pegs or the wick holders to make sure they stay up right.


Step 4.

Take the pan off the heat when the candles are completely melted into liquid wax. Let it cool down just until right before it’s about to solidify. That is when it is ready to pour.


Step 5.

Pour the melted wax into your bamboo. If you spill some, leave it to harden. Once it’s hardened it is much easier to scrape off. Now you just have to wait for your candle to harden.


Step 6.

Once the candle is hardened it is time to remove the pegs or wick holders. Cut the wick about maximum of 2 centimeters above the candle. All done!



Use essential oils to give scent to your candle. Add them right before the pour so none of the smell gets lost.


Keep in mind that this candle is first and foremost a decoration candle. It is okay to light it but pay attention that the wick isn’t too long. A longer wick means a bigger flame. Never leave a candle unattended.