This cold and wet time of year we like to bring the Christmas vibes into your home. The Christmas decorations are being taken from the attic again. But you can also easily make your own Christmas decorations. A beautiful bamboo Christmas star is a real eye-catcher. Make Christmas decorations with bamboo in no time. Depending on the thickness of the bamboo, you can make it larger or smaller. With our thin tonkin you can make a star of approximately 50cm or smaller, but we go for 66cm and use the beautiful decorative stick Java. Tip: if you buy 5 poles, you can make 3 stars and no leftovers.



o 2x decorative stick Java 200cm

o 1x black palm rope 25m

o 1x bamboo drill 8mm

o Japanese saw

You will also need a drill, tape measure, pencil and scissors. We recommend using sandpaper and Bamboo Booster oil for the finish.


Step 1. Measure & Saw

To get 3 pieces of the same length from 1 pole, we work with sticks of 66 cm. Then you get exactly 3 sticks from one decoration stick of 2 meters. So, at the end you will have 1 stick of 66 cm, which you can use to make a nice photo frame, for example.


Measure every 66 centimeters on your sticks. You can easily cut this with the Japanese saw.


Step 2. Create a pattern

With a pencil you can mark where the holes should be and pierce them with the bamboo drill. You can choose two different patterns, see the image above. The diameter of the poles plays a role here. You cannot make the weave pattern with thicker poles because they don’t bend as easily. The weave gives a flatter star (viewed from the side). The standard cross-over pattern gives a star that can stand upright better and is easier to tie.


Step 3. Finishing the poles

Use sandpaper to smoothen the holes and use Bamboo Booster oil with our maintenance wipes to give some care to the poles. Allow the poles to dry for half an hour before continuing with assembly.


Step 4. Assemble

Now that the star has holes in the right places, it's time for mounting. Pass the palm rope through two holes and tie it with a knot. Then wrap the rope around the poles a few times and then tie it with a double knot. Repeat for all points of the star. Pay attention to the top: leaving the rope a little longer will provide you with a way of hanging it. It is then important to wrap a few times with rope at the intersections in the star. This way you give your star more shape.


And like that you're done already! As you can read, this DIY is super easy and quick to make.