Bamboo Pergola Kit

Thinking about building a beautiful pergola for your garden or terrace this year? With our prefabricated bamboo pergola kit it's simple and affordable to set up your own.

Before installation, unpack and organize the bamboo poles by length and diameter class. The posts, beams and rafters have different dimensions and are classified as follows...

Each Bamboo Pergola Kit contains:

Quantity Diameter (cm) Length (cm) Use
5 5-7 300 Rafters
4 8-9 300 Beams
4 8-9 400 Beams
4 9-10 300 Posts


Step 1

Choose the appropriate location for your bamboo pergola. Find a flat surface with room for a 3 m x 4 m rectangle. Decide where you want to have the corners posts and measure 3 and 4 m distance between each post.

How to Build a Bamboo Pergola

Lay two of the 3 m long and 9-10 cm diameter bamboo poles parallel on the ground, 4 m apart. If the poles are not the same diameter on each end, make sure the larger diameter ends are facing down, these will be the base ends of the bamboo pergola.

Step 2

Place the 4 m long 6-8 cm diameter bamboo beams under the posts that are on the ground. Measure 12 cm from the top of the posts and drill a 10 mm hole through the post and the beam. Secure the bamboo poles with the included M8 x 200 mm bolts.

Repeat the same steps for the other side of the pergola and fasten the bolts. Do not over-tighten the nuts and bolts to avoid damaging the bamboo.

How to Build a Bamboo Pergola

Test to make sure all the joints are secure before standing up each side. Set the two frames upright and position the structures in the chosen direction.

Step 3

With the two longest sides of the bamboo pergola standing upright, you can now fasten the 3 m long 6-8 cm diameter bamboo poles. Place each pole across the top of each side, connecting the two structures. Secure the poles to the previous structures the same way as in step 2. Again, do not over-tighten the nuts and bolts to avoid damaging the bamboo poles.

How to Build a Bamboo Pergola

At this point, your structure should be able to stand on its own.

Step 4

Place the 3 m long 3-5 cm diameter bamboo rafters on top of the bamboo pergola and secure them with the included M8 x 180 mm bolts and nuts. The distance between the rafters is 60 cm (center to center). Mark the first drill hole in the center of the beam (exactly at 2 m) and measure two times 60 cm to the left and to the right. This way you'll end up with 5 marks per beam where you can drill the 10 mm holes.

How to Build a Bamboo Pergola

Step 5

Once the pergola is firmly constructed you can lash each joint with black palm rope (optional) to hide the metal hardware and cover the roof with palm thatch roofing panels for the ultimate tropical experience.

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How to Build a Bamboo Pergola



To avoid weathering and to ensure maximum durability of your bamboo pergola kit, we recommend applying Bamboo Protector, a specially developed transparent sealer with UV protection for exterior use.