Manual stainless steel bamboo clamps for installing 6-8 cm diameter bamboo fence panels.

Installation Giant Bamboo Fence Panels

Giant bamboo screens are beautiful and robust and require proper assembly due to their weight. Because bamboo is round in shape, we have designed a special stainless steel bamboo clamp with which everyone can easily install a bamboo garden screen.

1. Measure the locations where the garden posts will be placed. Then dig large holes to see if the poles can be placed properly.

2. Mount the stainless steel bamboo clamps on the first wooden garden post. Measure starting from the top to find the right distance for the placement of the clamps.

3. Measure the clamps so they are placed right under the two horizontal bamboo dowels. Pre-drilling is necessary. Place the M8 bolt through the clamp and the screen and secure it with the M8 nut.

(Attention! The sizes vary depending on the size of your bamboo screen. The size specified in this manual is an example.)

4. Now the bamboo screen is stuck on one side, place a support at the bottom so you can prepare the other garden post for mounting. After mounting 4 clamps the bamboo screen hangs beautifully between the garden posts.

5. Tighten the posts and make sure the are levelled.

6. Optional: To get a nice, complete look, you can cover the wooden garden posts with a half round bamboo pole. You should always pre-drill the holes first.