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Bamboo materials are usually lightweight, hollow and behave somewhat differently than conventional wood. Therefore it is recommended to use the appropriate drill bits, screws and fasteners when installing bamboo fencing, joining bamboo poles or building bamboo structures.

To install our bamboo fence panels, we have developed special mounting kits that can be used in combination with spruce or hardwood fence posts. Special galvanized wire ties or stainless steel screws can be used for attaching bamboo fencing rolls against an existing wooden screen, wall or chain link fence.

The most appropriate fasteners for each bamboo product are mentioned in the description of each product page, that way you’ll always end up with all the right materials for your project. In the event that you do need some extra advice, than please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

Black palm rope is a great decorative rope in combination with bamboo. Palm rope can be used to tie and join bamboo sticks together or to hide screws or bolts by lashing the rope over the hardware. Palm rope is made from natural coir fibers and stretches, therefore tighten bamboo lashings as firm..
€ 9.95
Ex Tax:€ 8.22
With these special double loop galvanized wire ties it is very easy to secure bamboo fencing rolls and natural fencing rolls against all sorts of mesh panels. Bend the wire ties around the galvanized wire that runs through the fencing rolls and pull them firmly against the metal fence. Keep both ..
€ 1.99
Ex Tax:€ 1.65
This universal bamboo pole holder base plate is especially developed for securing and anchoring bamboo pergolas and other bamboo structures. Bamboo pole holders are also perfectly suited for fixing bamboo poles against walls, ceilings or floors. Because the pole holder is designed to be inserted ..
€ 15.95
Ex Tax:€ 13.18
With this roller blind pulley system you can quickly and easily install your bamboo blinds. The set consists of 2 galvanized pulleys with screw, 12 meter cotton rope of 3 mm thickness, and 1 plastic rope cleat to secure the rope. The roller blind pulley system can be used both inside and outside ..
€ 19.95
Ex Tax:€ 16.49
Fastener Clips Prestige - 20 pcs..
€ 9.85
Ex Tax:€ 8.14
These strong fence support L brackets are made from high quality zinc plated metal and make it very easy to install your own bamboo garden fences. The L brackets are designed to be mounted on fence posts after which they need to be secured to the back of a woven bamboo fence panel. This way, a fe..
€ 4.59
Ex Tax:€ 3.79
These 3.5 x 25 mm galvanized fastening screws with washer are especially developed to secure reed, heath and split bamboo fencing rolls against an existing wall or fence in a quick and easy manner. Place the screws between the reed, heath or bamboo stalks and tighten them so that the washer clamp..
€ 1.99
Ex Tax:€ 1.65
Our hardwood installation kit is especially developed to install Trendline bamboo fence panels and woven bamboo fence panels in a quick and easy manner. In addition, it also provides extra stability and protection against wind and rain. The brown color of the hardwood frame fits very nice with dark ..
€ 21.95
Ex Tax:€ 18.14
Hardwood Joist Azobe Planed 45 x 70 mm - 200 cm..
€ 12.95
Ex Tax:€ 10.70
Hidden Deck Fasteners - 20 pcs..
€ 7.95
Ex Tax:€ 6.57
Our Manila rope of 6 mm diameter and 25 m length is ideal for securing or finishing large diameter bamboo poles and bamboo joints. Manila rope is composed from the natural fibers of the banana plant and has a beige appearance which looks great in combination with bamboo. Manila rope can also be u..
€ 14.95
Ex Tax:€ 12.36
Mesh Clips Galvanized - 4 pcs..
€ 1.99
Ex Tax:€ 1.65
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