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Threaded Rods

Stainless steel threaded rods in various diameters with matching washers and nuts for fixing and building bamboo structures like pergolas, arbors or sheds. We advice to always use professional hardware for a lasting result. For outdoor use, threaded rods made of stainless steel are the best choice.

This M8 hex nut from stainless steel (A2 grade) is 6.5 mm high and fits perfectly with our M8 threaded rods and 8 hex bolts. Price is per piece Wrench size 13..
€ 0.19
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M8 x 1000 mm stainless steel threaded rods are perfectly suited for connecting and joining large diameter bamboo poles. The threaded rod is easy to cut into smaller lengths with a simple metal hacksaw. Don't forget to order the corresponding washers and nuts...
€ 4.95
Ex Tax:€ 4.09
This M8 washer from stainless steel (A2 quality) has an outer diameter of 16 mm and is suited for our M8 threaded rods and M8 hex bolts. Price is per piece..
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